AMAZING ⚡ STRØM CITY W | E-Bike Design & Affordability | Electric Bike – All In One

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STRM City W, electrical bikedesign and affordability electrical motorcycle all in one. Theultimate metropolitan E motorcycle from the bicycle capital of the world, Denmark. STRM City W more inexpensive and feature packedthan ever. We are very proud to introduce the new STRM City W.The most stylish gradation through e-bike without compromise ondesign, durability, and availability. From the bikingcapital of the world, Denmark, it comes in the perfectcombination of minimalistic blueprint, enormous character, andaffordable prices.The best performing LG battery hiddeninside the frame, detachable for easy blame and with abuilt-in locking plan to prevent theft. The mostpowerful, silent engine, a light-colored aluminum frame in threetimeless cool colours and a fully integrated lightingsystem operated by a built-in power switch. We’ve backpack allof this into one outstanding and inexpensive E bicycle. STRM City W is available in three cool colors to accord yourpersonal mode. Choose between black, barrage red, or shinywhite. STRM City TW comes in a one size fits all framework 155 centimeters five hoofs up to 205 centimeters six feet seveninches to fit just about any stature and with weight limitsapproved for up to 130 kilos 286 pounds concealed batterydetachable for easy accuse City W come here for a 14 RLGbattery that is hidden inside the lower frame.The integratedlocking system offsets it easy to detach for accuse. Chargingtime is approximately three to 4 hours with our standard ten RLG battery you get a range of up to sixty kilometersthirty-eight miles or upgrade to our fourteenR go further LGbattery and get up to eighty kilometers fifty miles we hopethat you will enjoy with us this new technology which hasjust entered the market and do not forget that all links arein the description whether buying sites or manufacturerswe will too be glad if you like the video to place a likeand subscribe to the channel enjoy watching

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