Affordable Home Gym Setup

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sporting extreme alright sorry the son of my expres I’m instead sick but I’m gonna give you a rundown now of my home gym right here we have a pole rack that I went off of Amazon it was about 300 ollars sent and we have an assortment of dishes generally if you go on Craigslist you can usually find people that are selling their heaviness for moderately cheap I guess I got the specifies for $75 a piece right here really expending some old-time lumber for some blocks for some deadlift block poles and then only a bumpy and rocky calf promote and then you can also picture the background there I have a it’s like a slip hamstring writhe and then also some boob controls that I picked up from New York barbell and then this is a weight workbench that I picked up from Amazon as well it’s considered a commercial position undertakings really well I believe that was about $ 120 and we have a simple creature curl again another Amazon buy for about 35 bucks shipped I use some galvanized piping now just to attain some dip disallows that you are able to attach to the the pol rack itself really “if youre using” a 3/4 inch galvanized piping you’ll be able to slide those claim in the holes and then likewise an assortment of circles here most of the bands that you visualize excuse me for the autofocus they’re mostly bands you see it from contraband plays you are eligible to pick those up on Amazon and array of slingshot items and then this band check you picked up for about 15 horses and I likewise have an assortment of hoisting shoes which are obviously optional and then you likewise visualized some SPD’s and in here this is a leg curl that I picked up it’s an additional fragment it’s not necessary but it is very useful especially for beings the hell is bodybuilders looking to work out at home that was $ 200 I belief again another Amazon buy an array of dumbbells I actually are caught up a begin of 140 pound boobs from a friend for about 20 horses I were lucky there and so I had an assortment of 10 pound plates to be able to use for adjustable dumbbells this is considered a Roman chair/ GHD glute/ ham make another Amazon buy I have Prime so it seems to work out really well and a speedy little exercise ball and as far as the as far as the setup itself you know we’re looking at under $1000 overall and all of these articles were picked up over time it’s not like I only bought these all on a daylight and decided to set up a home gym thanks for watching as ever

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