$4 Million Tokyo House Tour w/ Japanese Home Building Cost

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Do you want to know what a 4 million dollar house in Tokyo is like? Well, in this video, Im going to take you to a brand new modern Tokyo house and break down the cost Therefore, we will check this Issei. Thew Taku model house, also known as two-generation house So, this is the Japanese you shot on a modern mansion In Japan, it is common for grandparents to live with you. As you can see, two entrances provide you with more privacy Likewise, it is very sweet now. Grandma or grandpa have wheelchair access When penetrating a Japanese room, you will notice a different storey at the entry. This is where you taken away from your shoes So on the first floor next to the entrance, this is where grandparents live in this tatami room It has a counter in the center, which can be used during the day and the counter can be moved at night. Go to the side of the room, if you have been there, you can step on the tatami Japan and the places you have been, this setting is very similar In information, countless modern houses do not have tatami apartments, but older generations wish tatami mats Thats why they consider all these items when providing this solution, so cool.Oh Great , now there is a small parade range. Let’s check the living room passed down from generation to generation So this lieu is huge It almost feels like a restaurant, one of the reasons they made this place so spacious is that it is designed for two parties Family, that’s why you have this big table behind me You “ve got a big” kitchen now. Then you have a big front room over there Okay, maybe not in the western center, but in Japan, its pretty big So, behind the small table, you will see a table there, and the dance is designed “for childrens” It’s her father “whos in” the kitchen, or her father-god who is cooking in the kitchen. They can still look after the children while they are studying, and the granny and grandpa can obviously likewise help them with their homework This is the main kitchen. In a traditional Japanese kitchen They usually don’t have a dishwasher But in this kitchen, they built a small dishwasher, usually without a big stove But in Japan, they do have these fish grills.Many families cook a lot of fish, and these fish grills are Save time. One of my favorite things about this traditional refrigerator is I like to use two soft panting platefuls to serve the flesh, because I only leant beer in it, and it doesnt stop Super cold And there are also things like Cool Electric, which actually has an ice maker So you gave the liquid now, then introduced ice cubes underneath and kept it at the bottom? This is mainly used for veggies It is given with a microwave and toaster, which is very convenient for small-minded gadgets that you dont use often But formerly you use it all, it are likely to be unplugged like this This is an air-conditioning unit for a mansion without a central heating system in Japan Therefore, you will find that each chamber has its own dedicated air conditioning unit So this room may be hot, but if you havent opened it more, the next area may be cold Guys, let me show you one of my favorite mansions I’m inside I was out.Correct. There is an open balcony outside the front room I like the relationship between all this. There is only one scheme that resembles free flow This is the bathroom and dressing room This is a rectal towel. well You will see these comments in inns and other places If you havent seen these, mostly you can hang the towels like this and break them You can touch it Not too hot But compared to putting the towel outside usually, it can dry the towel faster, and it can also assistant office This bathtub is tasteful, but not like Electronic hold let me tell you Therefore, the role played by this bathtub is to allow you to Preset temperature, so you can set it exclusively to 36 measures and the sea will become warm Then after use for a period of time, you can press the reheat button, it will reheat the sea to the temperature it is necessary to Designation is very cool I convey hot It also has its own air conditioning and “hairs-breadth” dryer operate, so you can hang and dry invests in the lavatory Paint, this bathtub even has a lid These envelops are for family use, because in Japan, families often share the water in the bathtub together. Washing machines and dryers have always been one of my favorite Japanese mansions All you have to do is to placed the clothes in within a few hours to throw in the detergent and softener Everything is clean and dry. You might think this is just a closet, but guess what? Is not This is a mini office with grandmas secret sewing room Now we enter the second blanket Therefore, since this house is designed for two class The second storey is frequently built for young genealogies, because this is a young clas More pleasant than what the hell is learnt downstairs Looks like this room is too jazzy The kitchen is big enough to accommodate four parties Cozy master bedroom with walk-in closet connected to the corridor And check the hidden floor at the top of the house, To be sure, solar panels are very common nowadays Row So causes break down the costs of construct this house in Tokyo Currently, the average land price in Tokyo and the 23 wards is about 1.4 million yen per square meter, about 13 moments, 2,000 US dollars per square meter, you can build a house of this length We will be required 264 square meters of land cost us land costs 3.5 million USD The mansion itself is about 230 square meters, and it will cost about $660,000 to build the house. So the total rate is approximately $4.1 million. So what are you talking about worth building a new house in Tokyo ?.

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