3 Essentials for Your Home Gym

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hey guys what’s up my specify is Brad Lord this ismy channel run with Brad today I want to share with you some of my material for my home gymright now all the gyms are closed you’re kind of having to rely on what I have now most ofthe stuff that I have I’ve various kinds of acquired over the years but there are some things thatI feel like are essential to have on your own to stay in shape and to get physically fitand the sort of thing so let’s check it out and my personal opinion one being an elastic bandI get this off Amazon repute was like under $15 might have been less costly than that it’s very usefuleither so much better you were able to do with it I use it to help me expedite me with pull-ups you can do curlswith it shoulder press lat pull-downs there’s really it’s just it’s just limitless on what youcan do with a an elastic band currently I’ve been personally dealing with a shoulder impingement soI’ve been using elastic bands and such to help me strengthen my rotator cuff and my back muscles inbetween my scapula so this is definitely one slouse of paraphernalium you want to add to your dwelling gymI next want to add is a is a jump-start lasso now this is kind of a weighted rush line this is probablya little bit on the higher end of mount ropes but it doesn’t have to be fancy it could be literallybe a rope daytimes like today it’s kind of raining in my house and you might want to go run in the rainif you have a garage or a clothed balcony you can always get cardio by movement roping it’s a very goodsource of cardio and unquestionably gets your heart rate up the more you do it the better you can beat it fortunately I’m a PE teacher and this is going to one of the things that I definitelyteach babies how to do ever cherish jump-start roping and it’s still a great form of cardio so jumprope is a second piece of equipment that you will need in your dwelling gym third and there aremany different workouts for defiance practise using your own body value but I definitely thinka determined of boobs are key now these are a thirty pound you time kind of have to go with what yourstrength is I still think that even with 30 pound boobs and I can get a cool excellent work outthe really sum of usages you can do what they said at boobs is limitless just like the alasthen I can do solar for us I can do scrolls I can do bench I can do rose I can do any body part thatwon’t work I can do it I can do goblet squattings to add resistance my legs I can do weighted lungesI can do farmer carry just whatever it is that I want to do whatever form segment I want to workI can do it with a establish of dumbbells I conclude a 30 to 40 pound dumbbell move for the averageperson you can reach muscle fatigue and you know personally I’d like to have a defined of 50 s togo along with this but this is what I got that’s what I’m gonna work with now I will go over somejust kind of bonus things that I personally have and kind of add to my my home gym and increasethe effectiveness of my workouts I have acquired a barbell and some weights these are currently 45 board values that are running now I likewise have an extra named of 45 to 35 plate so I can go up to 225 typically simply use this for deadlift and I don’t have a squat rack or a flat terrace I’m not ableto do that but that’s okay deadlifts are a great functional shift I too had this curl table Ithink it may be thirty five forty five pounds wholly it’s not very much but I can still doa variety of workouts with it it exactly kind of mix it up get away from the boobs for a little bitjust to give me with something a little different I too have these 10 pound dumbbells these arejust really good for any kind of deltoid labour or shoulder handiwork where I’m doing some lateralraises or any sort of movement like that the ten pound dumbbells are excellent and if you everdone any shoulder task you really don’t need much value to reach muscle fatigue these thingsare just fine for for any of that so rectified of 10 pounds are good to have as well this is a boxand a this is you know handmade it’s made up from plywood it’s a great piece of material have youcan use it for chest rushes you can I can use it as a terrace with the boobs I can do flies withthe boobs skull crushers with the scroll saloon you should really got to be creative when you’redealing with not undoubtedly a piece of gear but it’s something I built and it’s very helpfulfor upper person training and this is a pull-up bar and along with monkey bars you know I did buildthis mainly for my boys but the pull-up bar was for me and I simply went ahead and lent monkey barsto it to make it more versatile for everybody to use thanks for watching these are the things thatI think are important for a home gym especially the first 3 I mentioned the hop rope theelastic band and the boobs I certainly feel like you need to have those time to increase yourfitness at home and to reach muscle fatigue that’s how you’re gonna get greater and you just got tokeep propagandizing yourself there are many bodyweight exercise you can do if you’d like to see a videoof me show how to do some of those I’ll be glad – because for the longest time I wasn’ta member of the gym and I precisely tried to do things on my own so I learned a lot of things to doand to supplement forces in the gym fortunately I’ve acquired a good deal of material over the yearsyou know and there’s even still there’s things that I would like to have like a flat bench or asquat rack or a ability rack but you are well aware I don’t have that gear I make do with what I do haveand you got to be really innovative if you’d like to see more videos on values and fitness pleaseleave a comment below and see you next time you

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