#24—Brandon Sanderson Live Signing Session

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we are live excellent um welcome to the stream i am brandon sanderson your author for the last evening of the year we are joined by bob the new year’s t-rex um who is uh here to wish us good luck he came because um our stream mascot uh magellan macaw goes to bed at eight o’clock and he is not going to stay up for new year’s he would be a very grouchy grouchy bird oh it’s actually oliver what a surprise hi ollie seriously seriously oh man you are too young to be to be sarcastic to your father aren’t you you’re only seven is that isn’t that too young isn’t that too young to think that you your father is dumb don’t you usually wait till like 13 or 14 to think your father is dumb um oliver is joining us because um my second son dallin really wanted to come on and do um look at some fan art from my books and he is an artist but he is not feeling well it isn’t covid but he is not feeling well and so oliver is filling in right we’re gonna look at maybe smart filling in filling in means you are doing someone else’s job because they can’t do it yeah basically basically uh you’re gonna be eight soon aren’t you it’s now under one month until you turn eight like seven eighteen days eighteen days who’s counting though yeah yeah yeah there’s no more presence left to get you got all the presents in the world for christmas didn’t you oh there’s that face again there’s that face again frogs you want me to give you a frog yeah [Laughter] um so we thought today we would do some um fan art and meme reactions right now this is gonna be uh difficult because you haven’t read any of my books have you oliver no no and we’re gonna be seeing fan art of characters do you know any of the characters from my books no i know their names you know their names i know some who what names do you know um i don’t really remember but i used to you used to okay i used to remember some names do you remember dalinar yeah you know who dallinar is um i know his name but i don’t know what it looks like or anything okay dalinar is like a knight he’s like a general he’s like an older general person um do you know kaladin i’ve heard that name before you’ve heard that name before paladin is like a young soldier who also is a windrunner which means he has magic that lets him fly do you know shalon no i i haven’t heard that name you haven’t heard that name neither does she so you’re okay yeah shalon is an artist and she can use illusions and so they’re gonna pop up in some of this artwork among others and so you’re just gonna have to respond to the artwork and the memes uh you guys really wanted to do this i think they kind of thought we were going to be watching random regular memes not memes based on my books right um and they watch a lot of reaction videos to memes um but we have to make it themed toward my books yeah i guess you guess he was a lot less excited when he he thought he was gonna be responding to like what’s that dog that’s egg dog yeah egg dog you thought he was gonna responding to egg dog or what are your other favorite memes um the take on me dance oh the take on me dance yeah i really like that the the guys to do the goofy dance mm-hmm yep that meme is pretty spectacular um i like that meme because they did some dark souls memes with that but the original guys just did it on the street dancing you guys uh would you show me you showed me a really a really dumb meme yesterday what was it do you remember you mean the um thomas the train one oh there’s the hummus the train one where where master chief fights thomas the the tank engine yeah that one definitely um and yeah so why don’t we go ahead and try um a few do you have them like separated as fan art and memes or i have them separated as fan art and then i have the meme separated as spoiler free and spoiler okay so tell me what you want to see do you want to see fan art ollie or do you want to see a meme family or me okay let’s do some fan art first and we’ll we’ll look at a couple of them you can decide which one is your favorite okay okay all right are these going to show for everyone else too they should they should theoretically we’re new to this so is it on your screen right now yes it is okay so it should be on our screen right now so um this looks like that looks really realistic yeah do you like that yeah so that’s kaladin over there the guy with the big sword the guy the big sword is adeline uh he is alien is down in our son so the guy with the blue jacket yep is khaled oh i pulled up it pulled up the wrong thing for some reason oh wow so that’s the one we’re looking at so let’s just oh because like what do people online see uh they have a meme so let me go to a meme okay oh man and it’s a spoiler meme oh okay how about i stop that one yeah yeah oh i am sorry everyone it wasn’t a big spoiler one but okay um fan art is on a separate thing so okay now everyone is seeing them now they’re seeing this the right one yes so um this is our first meme uh you you watched the lord of the rings films yeah you liked them didn’t you yeah yeah what’s that see now it’s showing you this is the hard thing with me not being able to see your monitor now i’m on the fan art you were just on okay and it’s not showing you that no it is showing us uh lord of the rings how about now yes now it’s just showing us okay oh boy this is going to be a wild night it’s not showing you that no it should be now i’m just going to be now working out the the kinks okay we’re going back to this one it looks like they’re in a library with no roof a library with no roof that’s what it looks like yeah what do you think happened that guy on the floor what’s up with that um the guy sliced him yeah why is he glowing then um that the storage magic okay and it left him sliced magical so in this story people have this this armor um that’s super powerful but when it breaks it’s it leaves behind glowing mist and it instead of like getting sliced it shatters so that’s why you can see adeline’s face because his helmet got broken um and that guy over there they broke his armor um enough that as i recall he couldn’t walk anymore because uh his armor was too heavy and he the guy with the blue jacket um caledon it looks like his arm is made out of like blue energy yes it does it should look like uh his arm is made out of blue energy all right did you just change it to another one on purpose adam oh yes i was uh getting prepared okay so cycling through them now uh going so this is the next one this this should be cryptic cryptic all right all right what do you think of this what do you think this is ollie um it looks like a guy with no head looking at the looking at the moon and there’s there’s for some reason there’s a ton of bats in the sky there’s a ton of bats in this guy what uh do you think that’s a good guy or a bad guy bad guy why do you think he’s a bad guy it looks dark yeah what if i told you that he’s actually um a really silly guy who’s kind of funny what do you think of that don would probably like him dalain would probably like him because down likes creepy things he likes creepy things and he likes funny things so people think that that guy is creepy his name is pattern but he’s not actually that pattern yeah do you know pattern yeah i i saw the ice i have a um oh you have a sticker you have a sticker a pattern yes so when he’s in the real world he just looks like that little symbol that is uh floating above his head and when you go to the uh kind of the we call it the cognitive room when you go to the alternate dimension he has a full body and that symbol hovers above his head and he’s really goofy should i have made him look more goofy or do you think it’s good that he’s creepy he looks creepy but acts good that that’s cool that’s cool that’s better okay what else we got adam so ooh all right ollie here’s uh we’re doing we’re doing an episode of ollie reacts that is khalid and again good guess i know because because his hand is glowing oh yeah do you see there’s somebody in his hand see a little figure what do you think that is in his hand pixie it’s like a pixie yeah have you seen uh the sticker on mommy’s uh that is sill um what do you think is happening can you describe it what do you think of this phil’s probably telling telling him to do something yeah because he lost in something or something i don’t know yeah you’re actually pretty right uh do you see that there’s rain coming down yeah there’s lots of rain in this world there’s magical storms and it looks like he’s by rocks the trench yes he is by rocks with the trench that’s true in fact a lot of the book takes place in trenches in the middle of rocks do you know that yeah all right uh so which one’s your favorite of the ones you’ve seen so far um the first one the first one the big fight yeah see what else we got what do you think of this one looks cartoony looks cartoony so who do you think that is i do not know you do not know look look on his shoulder what’s what’s on his shoulder i i see it now yeah yeah i think so yeah so that’s kaladin and he’s got cell again you can usually tell because kelvin almost always has a spear but what’s did you remember i told you there’s another person shalon she’s the artist and her friend is pattern who’s kind of floating in the air that’s how that person drew pattern just squiggles just squiggles everybody has their own different interpretation that’s what’s fun about the art this is if um if disney decided to make it should we have disney make the stormlight archive do you think that’d be a good match i don’t know we could we could have caldin sing a let it be style song would that be good i don’t really know what to think about about yearbooks mixed with disney so yeah my books are kind of kind of serious but disney can be kind of serious maybe not the best match huh yeah all right let’s uh let’s see another one that one’s really good i like that one all right so this is um some of the characters in the book do you have any responses who do you what do you think of these people um they just look like regular people they look like regular people that are mad and one of them has a moon um on on his face like a tattoo moon yeah his face he does he has a birthmark shaped like a moon on his face um so would you say that these are good guys bad guys a mix what do you think which ones are good guys which ones are bad guys uh i don’t really know but i know that the person like what that’s white with a ton of like red that looks like it’s bad yeah yeah it kind of looks demonic huh she’s actually good demonic but everyone thinks that they’re they’re they’re the antagonists they’re fighting so the humans all think that they’re evil kind of but they’re not actually i like that he drew or she the um uh artist drew lyft who is a character in the books who’s a teenage girl and she’s always eating so she has food in her mouth like that looks like she has a chocolate cupcake yeah it does look like she might have had a chocolatey cupcake something chocolate hmm oh where what do you think of this one this one did not update it looks like the girl on caledon’s hand yeah that’s what it looks like that i i bet that’s a picture from before uh-huh but but close-up yeah what do you what what do you think do you is that the first one still your favorite or do you have a different favorite i like the first one still first one still you’re kind of an action guy you like things that are really active and yeah what’s your favorite video game ollie just shapes and beats just shapes and beats you have a just shapes and beats poster huh yeah yeah why is that your favorite you didn’t even own it until a couple days ago but it’s still your favorite i just saw dantdm play it which is one of my favorite youtubers yep and it just looks really funny and even though it’s really hard uh-huh my cousin aya actually has played the whole game did she finish it yeah she beat it but so now she has the full playlist and she can play anything that that’s on that game whenever she wants when we’re doing screen time that’s pretty awesome i’m only i i’ve just finished the second boss though you did that’s good we’re playing a game today do you want to tell them what game we played uh the calamari game katamari yes catamar yep we bought it for switch uh and everybody else kind of got bored of this fast we also got new um switch controllers yes we did because switch controllers uh go bad really quickly uh we have found out so that’s kind of frustrating but we got brand new controllers and we played katamari and you played the crab level and you got like 84 crabs yeah but rachel got more rachel she got 98.Wow how did she get 98 crabs i don’t know she also got the big one she knocked it over when she was big enough and grabbed it oh wow that’s uh that’s pretty impressive i that’s that’s got to be the only time a mom in our family has beaten the kids at a video game yeah yeah all right so what do you think of this art ollie looks like a queen good guess very good guess looks like a queen that that has a magical sword yeah i’m gonna bet that’s yasuna who’s one of the characters in the books and she does have a magical sword you can tell because of the thing on the back of her hand um is a device that lets people transform things into other things that’s a pretty cool piece of art you want another one sure okay ah so what what do you think of this one it looks like um maybe caleb in a bad guy place and they’re all trying to attack him yeah i think it’s the same one from the first picture a different artist doing the same thing i bet that’s adeline behind him his his helmet hasn’t broken yet and the the guys are fighting them where do you think they’re fighting and now on this one it looks like a battlefield like a field okay or an arena because the sky is like tannish yeah it kind of looks like an arena yeah it actually is an arena so you’re right ciao let’s do a few memes after this okay so this one that one looks like um there there’s two girls that are opening a vortex uh-huh and there’s there’s nice that are trying to stop okay yeah that is not a bad guess actually now it looks like three i see another one uh-huh i can’t say too much about that one without it being a spoiler but there are indeed three you got it right mm-hmm uh do you want spoiler-free memes uh let’s do spoiler-free uh memes so so you aren’t going to get these um but um who’s that in thanos helmet do you think i make a good thanos [Laughter] didn’t you show me that’s what you showed me you showed me a meme of thanos fighting big big chunks big chungus yes um that you guys really thought that was funny um so people fail to make a good mystery they’re not gonna do they’re not gonna do me as big chungus as memes that’s what you’re gonna make happen um so uh i think that one is funny um so i wrote i haven’t written the screenplay yet but i did write the treatment and we are going to see how that goes you should make a video of you being thanos yeah i’ll make a video i don’t think i’m purple enough to be thanos okay ooh yes this is obviously um a very intelligent person who is uh putting together all of the different parts of the cosmere uh which are all very serious and important oh there’s like played points yeah the scar this is the scar and it looks like a ton of planish around it yeah uh so this is um all the planets of my books are all kind of interconnected and with all sorts of weird uh theories and things like that and um they’re they’re making it they’re making it look less complicated than it actually is i would say uh [Music] i like that seth zanson vilano truthus of chivara wearing white on the day we used to hurricane the palace guardians this is the palace gardens yes so zap can walk on the ceiling and on the in the prologue to the book zach one of the characters um goes and attacks the king um while walking on the ceiling and so they’re having the surprise guards look at zap upside down that’s really good by the way i want to thank the the mods over at uh the subreddit crim posting for putting these together for me oh yeah this next one i don’t understand okay too far outside but okay maybe we’ll see if you guys uh see if i understand it see if you can these are a little bit more for me than for all yeah but if you have any reactions you can totally react so um i am a stick yes you know i am a stick um so um i don’t read jojo’s bizarre adventure but i’m familiar enough with it that i’ve watched some people talk about why they love it and some video essays um super high patchwolf um is a youtuber i like to watch because he explains about things i don’t understand in a way that helps me understand them and um this is a jojo reference i’m pretty sure um and there are lots of climactic battles and fights in jojo’s bizarre adventure where very very very well muscled people face off and so this is uh shalon facing off against the stick i’m scared i’m a stick you we have a shirt that says i mistake don’t we do you have one of those no i want one though yeah you like having all of my shirts would you have a favorite one is it the doom slug shirt or is it it’s i’m a stick i don’t even know if we make those anymore we’ll have to it’s on amazon okay we’ll have to get ollie and i’m a stick shirt all right what do we get here what are you doing in russia mind your own business i’m going to assume that’s wit um and um so there’s one character who um shows up in all of the books and he’s always being mystery mysterious and you never really know what he’s up to um and so there are various people wondering why he’s there and um you know mind your own business he uh he does even say something similar to that in the most recent book toothless [Laughter] so zap the guy the assassin and white i told you about earlier he’s called a truthless that’s uh by his uh by his people and he wears white and so instead of that’s actually pretty funny yeah that that’s truthless except toothless um with a sword and wearing white before yeah that’s my favorite of them meat mom can we help mom we already have at home at home your halloween costume yeah can we have brain spanish and sith of the dusk wait mom we already have brainstorms at the desk at home and at home it’s just that’s actually pretty funny so that’s a there’s a famous semi-famous meme format that goes like this mom can we have this thing at home the mom’s like we have that at home but at home it shows what you have and it’s a bad knock off um so instead of the uh of uh sixth of the dusk and um his awesome uh parrots you have me in a pirate outfit with uh jello who is a very naughty parrot and does not do what he’s supposed to yeah he screams whenever he hears you yes he does scream when he hears me it’s really bad if i get up and talk in the morning and he’s in his cage and he can hear me and he’s not in there he’s like and then the other night when he wanted food and we weren’t paying attention to him and he’d do all his tricks he got went over did you see him he went over he’s like dance dragon use the force he just does them over and over again and we didn’t pay attention to him stephanie’s like um because when he does his tricks he’s supposed to get treats in his mind so it was just like a toddler throwing a tantrum that no one was paying attention to him you guys don’t do that anymore you used to but [Laughter] well spoke too soon huh differences between these pictures this this picture in this picture people with only second hiding they’re the same picture so in one of my worlds um there’s a magical power that can let you tell my new differences between colors so yes not bad not bad archive takes place and their money glows it’s made of gemstones that glow i get i get that because lights glow yes uh-huh and so it’s actually uh i wish our money glowed that’d be pretty cool [Music] brandon publisher oathbringer was pushing the limits of length that we can fit into a single book let’s not do a book that long again brandon you know what add 5 000 words there was actually words of radiance that was pushing the limit and they said we can’t publish larger than this but then i heard wind that because i’d done words of radiance they’d gone and looked and seen if there were other publishers that could publish larger and they’d found one and so when i turned in oathbringer they’re like oh you got us um i i think we can go even a little bit larger because i think george martin has gotten to 500 000 words and we have never gotten the 500 000 words we did once but then i cut it down because it was it was actually there were a lot of extra words we didn’t need but do you think my books are my books are long what do you think yeah yeah i just look over here and i see a ton of long books yeah they are kind of long what’s your favorite book series dog man dog man dog man do you like if i read your books i would probably say you well i appreciate that you did say your favorite youtuber was dantdm right not brandon sanderson [Laughter] i i didn’t see my favorite youtubers dantdm he’s one one that’s right you got me your favorite youtuber is uh unspeakable isn’t it yeah so um do you like the new dog man book it’s different right it’s not it’s it’s a different series is it yeah uh it’s the cat kids comic club that one just came out yeah the dog man books if you guys haven’t read them are really good ashbo from the sky i don’t know i didn’t watch this episode the first line from mistborn my book is ash fell from the sky do you think that’s what i was talking about what do you think have i secretly written a whole series about pokemon and you didn’t know it yeah now every when you read that book eventually i want every time it mentions ash you to mad imagine ash and pikachu so when there’s like ash piled on the side of the road i want you just imagine a whole pile of pikachus and ashes and when ash is falling from the sky they’re just thumping around the characters all right all right dude just ask for a wab the worst thing he can do to you is say rapho [Applause] [Laughter] well well didn’t ever find happy happy moses will want bond s-y-l and yes and have a redemption arc in book five you lied you lied man how do they know how it’s like to have my outlines [Laughter] they’re always guessing i’m gonna have to change that now that they know what was gonna happen man you know a lot of times people are like oh the worst thing to say is rafa they ask me a question and then i give them an even more vague answer that makes their question even more less answered even more or less answered even less answered if that’s possible i’ve gotten that frustration from people before but sometimes their questions just aren’t very precise and so um yeah so i have to ask them if it’s they mean an african swallow or a european swallow guard hi prince down on our there’s there’s a shin shin assassin assassin trying to kill your brother dalinar cheers i’ll drink that i’ll drink to that bro so in the first book of the stormlight archive you know the guy who can walk on the ceiling he shows up to kill the king and dalinar is drunk uh and can’t go help his brother um so yes everyone who encounters that basher you’re breathing you’re right you’re breathtaking okay that’s that’s my favorite [Laughter] so there’s a magic in the cosmere where you can steal people’s breath which is like their life course a little bit and basher has a whole bunch of it so he is breathtaking because he takes their breath away you don’t get it at all do you that’s okay it’s okay that’s awesome rhythm of war roars of that one is just dumb but i guess we are from frosting um words of audience [Laughter] dumb but you’re laughing oh yes achieve yes it has achieved uh the muffin time you have achieved before um yes um i don’t really get any of these because i don’t read your books you you got the asheville from the sky one right yeah i got i got that i get that yeah me and the boys after taking when you get killed by a sharp blade your eyes burn out those are the magic swords it’s actually i didn’t write it that way in the first case i wrote it with them cutting uh flesh and i wrote the first scene with zes zeth and there were just body parts flying everywhere and i’m like this is just too gruesome and gory uh so so i went back and i i came up with a different method to do that because there were too many body parts flying all over the place beans beans when you said that i just remembered the the mean the bean game the bean game that we watched a trailer for where your battle royale we’re being shoot each other that um battle beans i think yeah being beam fight or something like that yeah bean fights yeah all right when your friend says they don’t like fantasy books bc the magic system never makes scenes sense so it’s like um someone says they don’t like um books that like your books so you’re super mad no it’s because their friends are saying that uh they don’t like fantasy because the magic systems don’t make sense and one of the things that i do a lot in my books is with magic systems that make at least a little bit of sense and so that’s uh that’s somebody saying oh i’ve got the books to share with you a brando sandom no not full the cosmere nice not bad at all so one of the novels is the size but the cosmere is all the connections and those are that’s huge that’s pretty pretty different you get that one what’s your favorite so far is it just seeing my face and thanos hypnosis helm just because you thought that was funny oh asheville from the sky that’s the that’s basically the only one i get yeah imagining thump thump thump ash falling around you just ash and pikachu when well obvious i don’t give a i don’t know this yes the well of ascension or something i don’t know i didn’t watch the movie and then my second book is well ascension so they’re showing a well going high in the sky ascend means to go in the sky that one’s pretty dumb i get i get that one i get that one you tell lazy turtle delta that they did a good job turtle turtle don’t would like their name they don’t know that brandon sanderson is writing multiple novels through 35 books not even counting novels with within a shared universe with the great world world building and magic system and super relatable characters that was probably me thinking about wheel of time books at parties when i was a in high school so i uh i relate to this except dances in high school my nerd friends and i just just claimed a table at the back and we sat and like hung out and people came sat with us yeah joel my brother or your brother is a nerd probably um i was a nerd so are you ollie no i wasn’t no ollie said ali is a ceo in training i’m an artist you’re an artist uh most artists opposite of a ceo and trainer yes he acts like a ceo in training he says he’s an artist but then he goes around and gives orders and organizes everything you’re kind of like grandma goober a little bit i’m gonna go i mean grandma goober’s bean counter she counts beans yeah means all right let’s do one more um you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about that’s not fair george writes excellent books um but um i may be a little faster in my spry youth than uh george’s 9702 yeah in his uh in his elder years uh all right ollie that was fun we’ll save the rest of these for dallin for next time say goodbye to everybody bye and take off have a happy new year i’ll see you next year ollie okay thanks karen all right uh let’s turn that microphone around so i don’t get double miked anymore and um that was a new thing for us you’ll have to uh let us know uh in a nice covert way that my uh where my children are not going to be shattered for life by your comments whether you think we should continue having uh mean review as a regular segment uh or not yeah uh if it’s just the thing is they don’t know what’s in the books uh joel does he’s read them all but he does not want to appear on the internet which i can totally understand he likes to be behind the scenes that’s my eldest um and so um so yeah we’ll see uh if we do some more some more meme reviews um having ollie describe what he thought was happening i thought would be really funny but he just understood most of it because the art is so good that uh he could just figure out what was going on um so um let’s go ahead and take some of your questions let’s get you a little bit more this way a little bit more this way yeah so lucas blair um wants to know who’s having the best new year new year’s party in the cosmere not ellen’s book reading kind of party uh the times square kind of part oh times square kind of party um i would say the best parties are probably happening someplace like silverlight um just because they have access to so much more uh potential shenanigans how about that like if you want to have um if if it’s your thing if you want alcohol from across the cosmere that’s where you can get it uh right and um and if you want access to the most scientifically advanced aspects of the cosmere as they’re understood and known at a given time you probably want to go there ashara wants to know uh the varieties around for the rashauns and the radiance after new year for celebrating oh celebrations for the new year um or over the course of the year in general yeah um i’ve got a bunch of these written in my notes um and it’s the sort of thing that i don’t really want to canonize right here um i would just have to dig into it because what i would say would actually be canon the holidays and things are some one of those things that you spend more time thinking about as a writer than you have opportunity to talk about i’ve found because while they’re a big part of life and so it makes sense to spend some time on them in the world building things like holidays and birthdays and whatnot tend to at least an epic fantasy kind of get washed out by the um the events of what’s happening and you usually only see them in contrast to being like we would be doing this but we can’t because the world is ending um and that sort of thing but yeah let’s not uh let’s not have me canonize any celebrations right now uh ito wants to know what the best moment in 2020 was for you best moment in 2020.Um wow i mean rhythm of war has to be coming it has to be pretty high and then the kickstarter okay sorry probably the second day the first day of the kickstarter right when i knew it was actually gonna um like the first seven seconds of the kickstarter well i did uh i didn’t find out until i woke up right cause i wake up later then the rest of the world basically um and so waking up in that first day uh was definitely up there because we weren’t sure um and that was good um rhythm of war coming out is probably second to finishing rhythm of war which i did last year uh not this year um and so um but probably releasing it or the day where i finally got to turn it in and be done that was a pretty nice day yeah um but those are all professional things i’m trying to think of if there are any sort of other things that were just really nice that happened during the year that i mean finding out i didn’t have to go to several of the things i had commitments to do not that i didn’t want to do the things but that it’s basically like i magically got extra time in my life because i didn’t have to get on a plane and go do this thing suddenly i could do them remotely that was pretty nice right like um those were were nice but they’re all those are all kind of tied to the pandemic which is not a nice thing because it is making a lot of people really unhappy and sad and hurt and so i don’t know if i could pick those this is a good question best moment 2020 it probably was the kickstarter i would say um or turning in rhythm of war and i don’t know if i can think of any um any personal ones i mean um i i had a couple of things i really enjoyed doing um like i really um enjoyed um hades was a fantastic game uh that was like uh a diamond that’s uh just kind of i ignore things when they’re in early access when something comes out and it is as good as everyone says i’m really happy i’ve mentioned i really really liked andy weir’s new book that comes out in may and i read that last year i uh really enjoy you know some of the things i do with my family like um i think i mentioned to you guys the the haunted chairlift they do up at sundance uh just sitting on the chairlift and chatting with my my family as you go up and you see spooky things i enjoy things like that i have jello uh well jello jello has been there’s been great moments like when he first flies to you is nice and then there’s the moment where he ate my phone um you know yes he did eat my phone um and so um so you know there’s there like any pet there are definitely ups and downs um it’s extremely cute when he sits in his cage and he’s like dragon dragon dragon dragon and then if you don’t pay attention to him it becomes less cute when he goes and suddenly you see his t-rex heritage come out um so uh udi kumar wants to know if you have any new year’s resolutions um i am not a huge resolution fan instead i’m just i’m always setting goals and trying to keep those goals if that makes sense um and this is constantly a constant cycling sort of thing for me um my professional goals are to make sure that i finish both miss porn and skyward next year which i’m pretty sure i can do right that’s only 200 000 words theoretically of writing um and on a a year of hard writing i can do 400 000 um and so it shouldn’t be a problem but if for some reason i can’t finish those two series uh i’ll feel uh like i have not met professional goals um and things like that need to go back to the gym as soon as i have a shot in my arm as soon as they are um being distributed uh to uh you know random people um you know once we get through the people who need them more than me then i will be happy to go back to the gym um it it’s all it’s not just for health though i do feel a lot more healthy when i go to the gym um it is good mind working time for uh planning out what i’m going to do with for the day and it doesn’t really work for me at a home gym and things like that going to a different place when it’s warm i can go on a walk and that sometimes is good but um so i would like to go back to the gym that would be nice marie mcdonald says you teach a creative writing class at byu if a character from mistborn arrow one had to sub for you who would you pick and what aftermath would you have to deal with well i mean if hoyt counts he’s the best storyteller um and i the aftermath would be me being fired um and so that would uh that would be some serious aftermath to deal with um you know after students parents wrote letters of the things he said to them um and uh after he disclosed um the ending of all of the stories um to mess with me um then perhaps uh yeah but i don’t know if he counts because he is uh he is only a very minor character a paragraph yeah is yeah like yeah like three lines in the whole the whole series so well no it’s more than that because in the first one it’s like a page of him and kelsea are interacting and then the third one it’s only the third one’s only a paragraph the second one is uh not even on screen uh what is the weirdest strangest most odd and possibly ridiculous magic system idea you’ve ever had oddest ridiculous i had a really ridiculous world idea less a magic system um that i just never just maybe too weird right uh the really weird world building idea i had was i ever talked about this one before so people who live on an enormous boulder being pulled by a giant around um a uh a very large very hot uh surface and all the light comes up around uh and you have to be constantly moving like the the the population is migratory and um otherwise they’ll burn up otherwise they’ll yeah they’ll fall off yeah things like that like eventually you will um like it’s not big enough to have its own gravity but it’s big enough that you uh you know basically you would send people ahead who plant crops there’s like people planting crops and the crops grow um as you are migrating and then you harvest them and send crops up to the people at the front and so a tr a group of people is like three clans and um you know this whole society built around which of the three you’re part of and they’re always following each other and this thing like you know um mulches into the the surface blow and brings up fresh soil that will grow plants relatively quickly but you’ve got to be constantly moving like it rotates like every couple of days basically if you if you sat still for two days you would be you would be crushed under it um that felt really cool uh and also maybe just too weird for being weirdness’s sake if that makes sense for being weird for weirdness’s sake um and so i never ended up writing that story but it was going to um i had some interesting ideas for that so those are the the weird uh really weird settings often occur to me more frequently than weird magic systems um a lot of the magic systems that don’t make in the books aren’t that they’re too weird they just are dumb right they just or they just never click right like i haven’t been able to find a sound based purely sound based magic system that i like it just doesn’t write well on the page because you you can do it like uh pat has really great writing about music in his books um and i can write about it kind of from a scientific technical standpoint like i do in rhythm of war um and things like that but it’s every time i’ve tried a purely sound-based magic system it’s one of those things that sounds better pun intended um in concept then it does uh work on the page and it just ends up being one of those things that the reader can’t experience they just have to listen to characters try to explain experiencing it where i prefer magic systems that the reader in a way feels like they’re experiencing when gravity works differently for kaladin you could imagine how that feels and you can put yourself there and walk on the wall and things like that and all the music ones have been too much more abstract than that that might be because my music theory background is is wanting right like i do i played trumpet all through high school i took a lot of music classes and things but i wouldn’t consider myself enough of an expert to really talk about it the way that a true musician does so uh christina says when you write do you make up the specifics like dialogue and uh emotions she says motions but yeah uh as you go along or do you plan it all out ahead of time and then write it down and then they wish you a happy new year more more the first one i know there are writers who are are very very detailed in their outlines most writers are not even someone who would be considered more of an outline heavy writer like myself the outlines are are are not including things like dialogue generally they’re including bullet points and major ideas i want to get in the chapter a good outline for me what it does is it stops me from having to worry about will this chapter fit into the larger mosaic of the story in a way that makes sense like if i want if i can get that done in the outline then when i’m writing the chapter i can focus on the more important things such as um the characters relationship to the other characters and to their own uh internal conflicts and things like this and just getting that right is i think the most important thing um making the character relatable and working the way i intend them to work is is really the the biggest key um and then in addition getting things like dialogue to work and the flow and the rhythm of the chapter if i’m not having to worry about whether this chapter fits into the puzzle of the mystery the right way or you know things like that because that’s all in the outline if i know i put these three things that are from the outline into this chapter it’s going to it’s going to click together then um it’s just way easier for me to write that chapter because i don’t have to think about those things um and so yeah um there are some writers i know that basically uh kevin anderson is one of these says he starts with a three-page outline and then he expands each sentence from the three-page outline into a paragraph that becomes the longer outline and then expands each paragraph into a chapter and then his book is done um i might be oversimplifying it but i’ve heard him explain it kind of like that i have never worked that way but certainly is a valid way to write leonel says i’d like to introduce my four-year-old to reading do you have any book recommendations to start him with um yeah dog man’s really a good one uh we talked about that earlier um but if it’s dogman might even be a little old for a four-year-old i found the sandra boyton books to be really excellent for preschoolers um what’s the one with the clothing and the it’s um the so there’s there’s three animals on each page um and the first one will be like it’ll be like red jacket green jacket and then the third one is wearing the jacket in the wrong place it just says oops right like so the jacket’s like on the third animal’s head um and the next one’s like you know pink socks blue socks oops and he has the sock on his nose um and the fun of that rhythm it’s really fun to read and it’s really fun to say oops um and it’s really uh because it has that nice repetition and then slightly breaks it you know it tells a joke on each page um and then of course the the the big joke at the end is that the um the animal i think it’s it’s like uh it’s like a moose has gotten all of the clothing finally on the right um the right body parts um they’re all wacky colors but they’re all in the right body parts but then it zooms out and they’re at a pool and it jump the boost jumps into the pool and it says oops again because everyone else is wearing a swimsuit um it is uh some of those sandra boynton books i really like for that reason um and so have a look at those again it’s gonna depend on your four-year-old right like peter’s daughter was reading war and peace at age three um i’m exaggerating but not by much um my kids um were read a lot slower um and um finding books that were fun to read as an adult um were uh it was it was an uh a quest for me at the time right that i wouldn’t pull my eyes out if i had to read it for the 40th time um and so those were some of my favorites uh as soon as they were into dog man or captain underpants um i think those books are very well written um and uh make for enjoyable reads what else do i enjoy um obviously don’t let the pigeon drive the bus if you haven’t gotten that one yet it works in the same way that the sandra boynton book works that i just described in that it’s a joke the whole book is a joke um in that the kid gets to say no to the pigeon uh and the kid is kids spend their lives being told no but this book the bus driver tells the the reader hey if the pigeon asks um to drive the bus say no and the fun thing about this is a kid can read the book before they can read where you read the pigeons part where the pigeon’s like hey can i drive the bus and you can see the kids light eyes light up as they say no oh i get to read this page i know what this page says even though it’s only one word i’m taking part in the book and then the pigeon begs and they get to say no and usually they’re giggling uh by the time they’re doing it kind of kind of works in the same way the monster at the end of the book uh did during my generation if you guys ever read that one um the the sesame street one i i really like books that have that sort of interactive aspect to it uh when it comes to to younger age books um like the book with no pictures is another one that my kids love for that reason and then um mo’s other stories the the elephant and piggy ones are really great reading books new kid reading books that are also there’s just a lot of cleverness embedded in very simple plotting and phrasing and so highly recommend those oliver still loves the elephant and piggy books and you know he’s he’s turning eight um and so they’re maybe even a little young for him still but every time we go to the bookstore he buys one of those devin says how can you tell the difference between when your novel uh needs some big fixes or when it’s broken beyond repair um okay well yeah i will ask for a refill on that um all right so caveat number one this takes lots of experience and in general as a new writer i would say um if you haven’t finished a book finish that book no matter how broken you think it is for most writers that is good advice for a few writers it’s bad advice um and i apologize if it is you are one of the few for whom it is bad advice um but for most of you finish that book even if it’s your second or third don’t let yourself get into the habit the very dangerous habit of writing until a book gets difficult to write and then stopping because i can guarantee that there are many people listening to this right now who either know someone or are the someone who have had that happen to them and you kind of get in this rut where it’s like you start something and then you lose interest and you always seem to lose interest in the same place and it’s though you think the book is broken it’s just that you’ve gotten to the part that is hard and that is going to teach you how to write those hard parts and if you consistently give up at that point then you are never going to learn how to do this so caveat number one um caveat number two is that i don’t know that any book is ever truly broken beyond repair um so what happens with a lot of books is it’s not like books are broken or not broken right books are art they are a piece of art and even the broken books i’ve decided not to release are a piece of art and it’s not like it’s this piece of art that something you know it’s not going to make people’s face melts like the ark of the covenant if they experience this piece of art in fact i would guess that a significant portion of the readership would enjoy it they liked way of king’s prime right i don’t think as many would like it but there are some people who are going to read way of kings prime and like it better than the published version because that’s how art is right uh human beings are all different we like different things different things work for us we can be in different places when we experience art and have different reactions during different parts of our lives it is just art is weird that way so you have to kind of define what broken means to you when a book is broken what it means to me is the audience is not responding to it the way that i thought and indeed want them to respond or i don’t feel the book does for me as an author what i wanted to i didn’t achieve my vision for that book i guess there’s a third one which is the um i legitimately represented people in a harmful way or did something in a way that makes the world worse on accident that is totally a way that if a book can be broken also um but at the end of the day you’re going to have to ask yourself what that means and it’s possible that the book could be better but can’t be better that you can’t make it better yet right that’s where i was with way of king’s prime i put it aside because what i could make of it at the time was not what i wanted it yet to be and i felt that my skill level would eventually let me revise or indeed as it turned out start the book over from scratch in a way that better matched the kind of nebulous vision for what i wanted it to be so with that caveat it becomes even harder to define is the book broken or is it not broken and um or is it broken but you can’t fix it and it’s still good enough to release right like there’s that question i would say if you are getting a response from readers that does not align to your vision and desire for what you want to do with that story that’s a good sign or a bad sign maybe bad sign it’s a good sign that it is broken um if you just have this instinct that’s like something’s up with this book um and i want to give it more time give it more time let it sit come back to it in a year uh or in six months and maybe you’ll be like wow this is there’s nothing wrong with this at all this is actually really good um maybe you as an author just have to come to terms with the fact that you will be constantly changing as a writer and books are a snapshot of who you were and what your skill level was when you wrote them and that’s okay that’s part of the art also or indeed maybe you will find that one of them the big things that can happen like your character arcs just don’t arc right your characters are static despite trying uh the narrative doesn’t weave together you have a problem like aether of night which is one of my unpublished books where you wrote um kind of two main themes in the story and they fought with each other instead of intertwining that’s the one that has like the serious war uh end of the world arrival of a dark shard that uh things are going wrong with mixed with a shakespearean uh mistaken identity uh swapped places um comedy a romantic comedy uh and that book it’s like i had two good ideas for books and couldn’t weave them together maybe it’s something like that um maybe you didn’t know how to end it and your book just kind of flops at the end um this is not um a science this is an art and it is always okay to put it aside wait six months read it again get some reads from people the main thing i want to uh to suggest that you avoid is getting to the place where you’re rewriting to make your book different not better which happens if you revise too much if you spend too much time revising a book you will get to this place where you’re just taking lots of side steps um and your book will start to become muddled and at that point it’s generally a good idea to step away move on to the next project it is all right to release a book that is not in your mind perfect when you aren’t yet able to make it perfect because it might be the perfect book that you could write at the moment so there’s a long convoluted uh response to that one i apologize but this is this is just a hard thing right and i think that as new authors among people i know give up on books too easily and perhaps more established authors maybe don’t give books as much time when things aren’t quite working as they might deserve javier wants to know which of your characters do you feel is the most misunderstood by fans most misunderstood well if i’m doing my job people won’t misunderstand characters um the one i usually answer on this question is kelsier um who uh kelsier is definitely a heroic figure um he did a lot of right things um but kelsier was much closer to being a villain uh than oh we just lost light then people see because he was in the best place for him possible which is being capable of burning something down he is just really good at tearing stuff down um and he is a great agent of chaos in that regard and great at coming up with masterful ways to mess up what other people are doing um and to get what he wants and what he wanted in that story happened to align very well with the needs and interests of the general population and he generally or a genuinely wants to do good and right by them it’s not like he’s some anti-hero who is accidentally doing the right thing but he is um he is arrogant he is very driven and he is very very dangerous which are a combination that could have led to disaster in other circumstances abhishek says do you feel like publishing is easier or more difficult in the u.s than in europe uh boy it’s hard to say really hard to say um it’s not have like i don’t have to publish in europe i can sell this to a publisher and things like that it’s my u.s sales that uh that make that happen i would guess um though i am not a primary source on this i would guess talking to people who are primary sources that it is easier in the united states this is because of a couple of things number one being part of such a large economy as the u.s that all speaks the same language is a huge advantage right europe has a really strong economy but it’s split across a bunch of different languages which is rough for stories right and it’s not like the us has a single monolithic culture there are lots of regional variation but we do all share a language and indeed our culture is similar enough that generally um you know these things you can have a story that has broad appeal both here and in in the uk and these two markets are just english language is the biggest market for fiction uh even though more people uh might speak other languages fiction doesn’t sell as well in those countries as it does in the us and i mean it sells really well in in france and in germany and things but again that is that language thing so i would guess it’s probably there are way is way easier would be my guess to make a living in the u.s um or in the uk or canada um you know let’s just go the english-speaking world i don’t want to leave out you australians or you uh irish people either um it is just much easier in english language for that reason there’s also the fact that because it there that exists um the us has built up a very large publishing empire granted germany’s no slouch at this either in fact a lot of the american companies are owned by german companies but the infrastructure for publishing a book is just way better in the us than it is in a lot of countries and indeed entertainment is the one of the us’s major exports um does not mean that americans are actually better at it um but there is this sort of luxury brand association with american entertainment uh it’s the same reason why i you i i had explained to me once actually by my publisher in spain i think it was who said the it is difficult just like um um in france they’re not gonna buy american wine right that doesn’t mean that american wine is terrible but in france you know french wine is a thing that is known and exported around the world and they made a big industry of it american entertainment is the same way and it’s uh my spanish publisher has told me it’s usually easier for him to sell or it’s her now but it was him when he was telling me this um a an american book in translation than a spanish book not in translation uh for that reason so yeah um the sad truth of it is because america is such a strong book market um that uh it is much easier to publish here and harder for people who are not writing in the english language to break in um for that same sort of uh same sort of reason that they don’t buy american wine in france uh does not mean that the people writing books in their native tongues are not writing fantastic books in fact they demonstrably are writing fantastic books as we can see by some of the the great science fiction um that has been published uh in chinese uh as a first language uh recently but anyway neither here nor there um so regardless uh if you happen to speak english as a first language or can uh write convincingly in english you have an advantage in becoming a novelist specifically and even more so i should say a science fiction fantasy novelist uh and i do want to say isaac’s going to be coming on in a little bit so if you have any questions for isaac or brandon you’re preparing questions you have something you want to talk about right isaac show off some stuff why don’t you come on over oh yeah get some questions in the chat so we can get them prepared so i don’t need to search later yep i will let uh isaac get set up and i’ll take one more question while he’s setting up and you’re getting the camera ready micah says do you tend to deviate from your outlines as you’re in the midst of writing a book uh if so about what percentage of the content do we see you make up on the fly and has any of it had far-reaching world-built world-building consequence man that’s like three questions yeah let me get to these micah um so uh do i change yes it depends on the book though skyward1 almost exactly like the outline um skyber2 turned out what i had in the outline didn’t end up working as well on the page as i wanted it to and so it involved major different changes from the outline um in order to make the story work and as as good as i feel i am in outlining there are things i’m going to miss that just don’t actually work out um what i don’t generally have happen as much is the thing where this happens to discovery writers a lot where they’re riding along and they get really excited by something else and then just their story just flies off in a different direction what happens is i write and i’m like this actually isn’t working this isn’t as good um or that’s actually the wrong page uh or um there’s a better way to do this or what not uh and this can have far-reaching implications the example i often use the stormlight archive where adeline was not outlined as a viewpoint character in in book one but turns out i needed adeline to offer an outsider viewpoint to his father’s brain and that worked really well um and so at that point the outline for the entire series underwent a revision inserting adeline as a viewpoint character um and so and each time i write a book i have to make changes to the outline for the rest of the series just like that it’s kind of weird to use the term though making it up as you go because that’s what you do with everything right even when you have an outline so what an outline does is it doesn’t mean you don’t make things up as you go what it does is it instead shrinks the space between the making up space basically boy can i explain this if you’re discovering writing a book you’re starting on page one and you are working on the fly to the last page if you are using a general points on the map outline where you’re like i know i’m going here then you’re starting here and you make it up to here and then you start there and you make it up going over here then you start there and that and if you use an outline like me then you have three bullet points you make up on the fly this much before you go back and refresh the outline and you make up this much like every book is you’re making it up as you go along um that’s that’s just how it is um the uh the outliner in me um just shrinks the spaces between touchstones um which allows me to make interlocking pieces like i spoke about earlier i really like it when a story really locks together and all the different moving parts click together and if i can figure that out as much as possible in the outline then when i write the book the stuff i’m focusing my attention on that i have to make up that day is relating to characterization and dialogue and things like that that make the chapter work um and indeed if i do my job right the way i like to do it then all the different books will lock together like a big clockwork mechanism that uh when things click you’re like oh wow that all came together in a really fascinating and fun way that’s what an outline is for me um is looking at that large scale but it’s not like um i i can write a book and not have to rework that whole mechanism each time i’d certainly i do have to do that every time every book i finish causes the next one to get major revisions in the whole rest of the series as i’m laying down from the plan um what uh what the actual books looks like like some people might imagine an outline like a schematic i use the word clock so like a schematic for a clock it i have never seen an outline that is anything like that right um a schema spanning for a clock like if you’re building a clock and you get the schematic you need you need that so you can beforehand plan out the exact measurements so all the pieces look exactly like they do on the schematic this is what’s happening with the the layer that we’re building next door right we have all these plans done ahead of time so that everything is we know it will all work together that is not what a book outline is um at least no book outline i’ve seen is like that a book outline is kind of a dry run on here are the themes the characters and the plots that i’m going to try to make work and we will see if i can make them work but my intention is for them to do this right my intention is that you will enjoy the this character relationship between spencer and mbot in this type of way i’m not sure how i’m going to do that that has to happen when i’m writing but here are a couple touchstone points that i think are going to be key for making sure their relationship works the way i want it to that’s what an outline is an outline is kind of talking your way through the things that you’re going to do and then it’s more like yeah like that that makes any sense that was kind of confusing but isaac hey how are you doing good how are you doing hi i’m all right hey shin young happy new year to youtube yeah hey um contextual yes we i i i was um i was uh saying hi for those uh confused to my uh taiwanese fans i record a little video for them and when i was in taiwan they taught me to say uh happy new year uh in whichever one they speak in taiwan taiwan which uh which dialect of chinese uh it’s cancer major mandarin yeah and so um and i was trying to remember it and uh my tones are pretty bad i think um and so yeah the the only chinese that i know is whichever one is spoken in hong kong okay and i know how to say prayers in it okay so i was taught how to do that at one point so yep all of that is not useful for on the air right now yeah it’s not like spanish where i know lots of people who speak spanish you can correct me right and then do it wrong anyway i had a i had a a friend right out right after i was married i was in the the church group then who there who was from bolivia um and he taught me a couple of phrases to say to my wife uh like miss punos pueden destro sartes um my fist will destroy you i believe something like that or misapatos estavalando um my shoes are something they’re flying yes you know i would be like hey i learned how to speak spanish today misapotos estavalando and she’d just be like you know those those dad joke type things um i’ve got some useless uh useless foreign phrases too yes yes yeah you have bathroom ones right doesn’t it yeah no the uh i know one in norwegian uh-huh yaya knock and some and bjorn i i am as naked as a bear ah nice it just does not that there’s no you sounded like you had good pronunciation on that i i was a little off i’m pretty sure my uh well my cousin lives in norway but also an old roommate of mine uh married a lady from norway and she would teach us strange things now and then well what are you going to show us so show and tell with your permission yeah yeah well let’s let’s start with the the uh exciting one and move on to the even more exciting oh cool but uh the uh i want to show this off if we can because it works you’re going to show them the back so they’re going to wait we’ve revealed that depends on if you want to at some point we will have to reveal it or people will get it in the mail and they will reveal it i would rather them get in the mail let’s do that then i will show the front then okay i will show the front of this however we we’ve been working with the manufacturer on this to get the back just right we have gone back and forth and we have it we got it right it’s awesome and so when you get this coin it’s going to be awesome and i am so pleased with how it’s turned out this is the whitcoin this is the whitcoin so you can show them the first i will show them the front we got a bunch of different finishes um and uh they were able to get the finish working right so the finish in the front is different from the back right the finish on the front is different from the finish on the back it has to do with the the what we’re doing on the back um adam has a picture that he can show but i can also just do this why don’t we do i’ll do that and then i’ll throw up the picture yeah because it’s a little bit better so it um that was just really good even from here i just switch it to the picture so they haven’t so and i’ll show you this to you after the stream brandon but uh so big big kudos to steve argyle who did some 3d modeling yeah some last minute 3d modeling um really came through for us when we needed uh some yeah on all these coins they look great i we need to have steve back on that on the stream he enjoyed being here and yeah i think he would like to come in uh and draw have a camera on what what he’s drawing well while you chat yeah he brings something to draw and i’m signing books and we just kind of hang out yeah yeah um yeah anyway let’s get an update uh yeah let’s do some updates so those that means that the the coins are now all all of them are approved right yes they’re all approved my understanding and i’ll and i’ll get a a this this was overnighted to me i got it like yesterday okay yeah um so i approved it um and those are printing now those are printing now so at least the first tenor printing um this next week i will hear back on this there was one more uh quality thing that i wanted to make sure we were we were good on but um so those are printing um we should have them in the first two sometime in the first two months of next year so okay just depends on when they finish and then when it gets on the boat yep um i didn’t know if people knew this but all of the things that are we we mentioned this in the kickstarter that a lot of what we are doing is dependent upon supply chains yeah and it’s dependent on what’s going on with covid in the world and a lot of this has kind of pushed us back a little bit yeah um we we gave us gave it our best shot on scheduling and then we just have to flow with what actually happens and one of those things is um air shipments from china yeah doubled in cost um were they tripled yeah it was with several of our different suppliers of different things some of our stuff we we source in the u.s some has to come from overseas and our overseas ones um we have to go we have to do the boat um to keep costs down so um but everything is looking really great i think people are going to be very is the are the playing cards still the one that’s most likely to be yeah the playing cards are the ones that that’s most likely to be um the last out the last one it’s all turned in um there were a few uh hiccups where we haven’t done these before and so like we we added a metallic um yeah ink to it that it’s not a foil but it’s a metallic ink it has a little bit of a shimmer to it it’s really cool uh we wanted to make these really cool for you um but there were some hiccups on how they wanted us to apply it and so files came back i fixed those we got them back out but those are all turned in now and they’re likely just the print runs uh other people are in line before us yes and so we just have to wait until it’s our turn yep and another thing this time of year um most places shut down for a week or two or more and so people can what about the holidays digital art package when’s that going to go out or did that go out over the vacation i complete my i took some time off and i’m like oh yeah i need to do that that’s my priority okay thank you for reminding me oh wow i knew i was forgetting something on that long to do list you’ve got a lot on your plate i just know that um uh people have wanted to see the earlier revisions of don shard and the plan was to include that with those have all been so those did get sent out okay the digital rewards the only thing we’re waiting on are the art ones okay that comes i thought those uh peter told me it went in with the digital art review when i asked him about it later yeah originally that’s what we were going to do and then um a lot of this is we’re learning how to use backer kit yep and uh it wound up being just as easy to send it out as a separate okay so so people do have that and uh with that we also sent out there was a a new version of the ebook of donald trump had a couple of typos corrected um things like that what’s that yep yeah we sent that all out so it’s just the digital art package that we’re waiting on and that’s fully on my shoulders um so um dawn shard the print one is still being uh printed carrie do we have the yeah we’ve got a proof or something we have a proof that’s nice cute little paperback but in the meantime we have the printed signatures of the way of kings prime cool so these have been printed and um i just chose the foil color for the cover um and uh something to keep in mind it’s it’s a very thick weave cover it has a nice texture to it it’s uh foil takes to that differently than a smooth surface so if there are little imperfections in the foil on that that is just how it is same with our leather back same with the leather bands it picks up the texture that’s underneath it and if you look at an easton press book which uses like 24 karat gold foil on the spine oftentimes the same thing happens you get a little bit of a bleed it’s not quite as crisp as if you were putting foil directly on a a baby cheek smooth surface um so um yeah just just keep that in mind foiling has its limitations and um but this this is great the paper i love the paper it it has that nice smell of a hardcover book i have my my map in it yes so and i don’t know if you knew about this in the acknowledgments but um so here at the beginning we have there are these these acknowledgements written by brandon and then we’ll show you the map if i can get to it i love this so i did i did uh there is my ms paint map that i did in 2002 which was the first version of roshar uh before i decided i wanted it to be an island but very little touch up on this so isaac so there you go the touch up on this is just to make it print well backwards stillness and was much bigger deal than it ended up being i believe that’s one of the uh one of the differences so the the last line in the acknowledgements additionally isaac stewart would like to thank brandon sanderson for creating the map and symbols that appear on the next few pages uh is my version of the double i in there too did you put that in yeah i did the old version oh there you are the the one that oh here it is on this side right there it’s not high res because we just we didn’t want to redo the whole thing yeah we don’t have lights we have brandon yeah brandon’s ms paint yep the uh this one is the ms paint one and then this is this is one i cleaned up that’s more closer to the one i did for uh way of kings yeah but yes there are there there are sharing glyphs before uh isaac uh got a hold of them so a lot of people like brandon dream of having um michael whelan do a cover for him someday i dream of brandon doing a map for one of my books yes yes so um anyway this this is gonna be a really nice a nice um sanderson curiosities are they’re not leather bound but but they’re nice books to put on your shelf we’re we’re excited about those yep we decided uh we’re doing dragon steel for the next one is the plan still that that’s the current plan yeah for example i think that’ll make a lot of people happy yeah yeah it’s no longer spoilery because i think that all the things that have happened in there that were going to happen in the stormlight archive have happened yeah um and so uh i think it’s safe to now release but we’ll do that for the kickstarter we’ll probably do the same thing we’ll just release the e-book for everybody and then you can buy uh a hardcover if you want copy yeah and so the 2023 dragon steel uh now the also the plan with these sanderson curiosities is that um we do one print run during the kickstarter and then possibly during the next kickstarter if you didn’t get way of king’s prime and you decide you want one we we probably added on it’s just an add-on yeah for the next kit and the next one in case there are people who missed out but we’re not going to have them in our store yeah exactly this is just sort of a kind of like when disney with their their vhs would put them in moratorium for a while right then pull it out of the vault yeah yeah except for the fact that you can read them for free yes exactly in the meantime but getting physical copies will only be during that it kind of helps us gauge how much we need of a print run well technically they’re allowed to under our our um policy to print one out for their own use so if you didn’t get one you just want to go print it out uh run by the kinkos and pay way too much money yeah um you can go get it printed out uh feel free doing that with the ebooks that i release uh for free like that don’t uh don’t stress about it um just for yourself don’t put them on ebay but you are you are going to get a nicer book at a cheaper price if you just wait for our version yeah i’ve had people do that show up with white sand they’re like is this okay i’m like yeah it’s just fine i even sign them when they bring their their own printed off version uh i think it’s cool what’s really cool is when they you get someone who’s a um a book binder like the a hobbyist book binder or or whatnot and they print them off and they make their own sanderson curiosity um and put it on the shelf like you made for me oh yeah a long time ago a long time ago isaac gave me a star’s end which is my second book it was a little ironic because i made it look we had i did a couple versions one that looked like a leather bound yeah and one that looked um kind of like a john scalzi paperback or something like that and um it is ironic that we are now taking your books and doing leather bounds yeah i had that was not even a twinkle in my eye at that point and uh and now we just do it so yeah having a but that’s that’s one of my treasured possessions uh i’ve mentioned i think a couple times on stream do we want to show it upstairs is it upstairs yeah you have it upstairs yeah because it was on the shelf downstairs and so it moved up into those shelves yeah yeah go go grab it there were a couple versions because i printed it on a print-on-demand place where i could just print up one copy there were a couple versions because i would print it see if i liked it and i printed another somewhere out there is a version i think of dragon steel that i did that with when i took the book binding class at byu somewhere out there maybe in a landfill um uh that would be that would that would be yeah i think it was dragon steel i did that for when i took a book mining class at byu i’m like i’m going to print one of my books and pretend i’m a real author dragon steal’s the first book of years i ever read unfortunately yes well at the time i thought i read it i was like wow yeah this guy this guy can write i was the first one to check it out of the byu library and then it became the only master or no honors thesis at byu to ever have to be rebound because it’d been checked out that much yes that’s a that’s one of my uh my my claims to fame um i’m i’m the only uh the only uh undergraduate honors thesis um who i think’s book has ever been checked out i’m exaggerating but yeah um and it got checked out so much that it had to be rebounded people thought it had been lost or stolen and it turned out it was just at the rebindery um and then came back and went back in the system and i think you can still get it i think yeah they might have two copies now one that you can check out i think we gave them a second copy because they were worried about that copy they wanted to put it in the archive and so we told them they could print a second copy what it was um that they could they could because it kind of people before everyone was in the known before by using them no you could get it through in a library alone and people would check it out it’d be between libraries and go around the world uh and things like that and so um yeah another thing about dragon steel that uh is i i i don’t know it was like it was written for me and this is why okay so i grew up in idaho and every summer we would go up into the woods of island park and yep log and we would get logs for the winter and we and my dad would pay us in maverick mugs which cost like 25 cents um and uh we did this every summer and then i read this book that is a fantasy novel that i love about a kid who’s growing up basically in a lot of community says you know um the lumberman’s son was born into a world of magic i think that’s the first line of dragon steel or something like that i could i could probably pull it open and read it yeah we have uh well we have we have that uh bound copy of it upstairs as well which bound copy of dragon we have those don’t wait do we have oh we have the thesis that’s right the thesis one uh not your yeah we should get one we should get that one because uh dr thursby gave it back to me when she heard a lot of people so that she was my thesis chair a lot of people were asking about it and trying to get it from her um because they knew the thesis chair had a copy and she’s like this is turning out to be really valuable i think this should be back with you because i didn’t keep a copy for myself okay um i didn’t need one because you know like i didn’t know it would be a keepsake or collectible or things like that i’m like hey this is the book i’m writing right now like that’s the thing about the honors thesis is if you want to graduate with honors you have to do a thesis right um and i’m like what’s the thesis they’re like oh it’s this is this or a creative project i’m like oh i’ll turn in whatever book i’m finishing at the time because dragon steel was my seventh or eighth novel um and i was always writing novels i think it might have been eight because i think white sand was seven um but it might be the other way around yeah it’s in whichever whichever way it is in the dropbox yeah um but um yeah i was um i was always writing a book and so when the year came to graduate that’s the book i’d finished so i’m like oh here’s the one uh here’s here’s my my honors thesis and like wow this is the longest honors thesis we’ve ever gotten and i’m like oh wow um number seven number seven it’s seven right after elantra’s then white sand okay uh and so dubious distinction i suppose but not unexpected for me um and then you know my master’s thesis uh which is was elantris um was going to be um whatever book i was writing that year when i graduated my my master’s thesis or one of them because i generally wrote two books a year um and then elantra sold and my uh honors chair said no that is your that that’s your uh that’s your master’s thesis like well i didn’t write that during my master’s program they’re like it’s published novel uh that’s your master’s thesis uh that doesn’t happen very often i don’t know if you know that brandon i’ve told you guys before on the stream they were they didn’t know what to do with me when i sold a book because it did not happen to professors very often that they got uh a mainstream major publisher book deal and so to have this wacky overachiever kid in their classes who had written 13 novels and had a book deal with macmillan um and thought he was all that was was an object of strange contemplation to them the first thing that i thought when i opened dragon steel was holy cow there’s a lot of words per page on this yeah really tiny type they because they they’re like you have to fit it in this number of pages yeah like really like yeah it’s i mean this is the whole brandon has books that don’t fit the bindery thing it’s a running theme in my life um like how are we going to bind this and that’s the first place i can really remember it though even before that when i was printing them off at kinko’s for my friends to read um i would bring them in and they’re like you can’t bind that uh you have to put this in the three three parts i’m like all right and so then people would have to juggle three parts to one of these books and take them around and read them and not lose them and things so i think i happened upon dragon still in a just sort of an accident because i i was going to take the class yeah you wanted to see i think i was in the library i was looking up something else and i’m like i’m just going to type this guy’s name in and you didn’t have a book published yet not a deal i had a deal but no book but no book so i’m like i’m just gonna look here and see and i i didn’t even really know about honors thesis yeah species and i’m like oh hey he’s got something in here oh what they’ll let me check it out all right let’s see if this guy can write someone ought to go to interlibrary loan right now and type in the chat if they can still get a dragon stealer if it’s like kept so that you can’t do that yeah or something i wouldn’t be surprised yeah yeah yeah they did pull it from interlibrary loan that makes sense um so did we why don’t you show them this yeah we’ll start so um the the uh other stars and that i remember making was red um and so and now this one yeah oh it’s on our shelf it was the prototype for this is my i turned off my uh my internet but not my alarm which is the make sure the kids are in bed alarm so here here’s our star’s end and you can see we were already putting little symbols and things on there and on the spine it has one it looks more like the white sand one now but what is the context for this you weren’t working for me yet i wasn’t you were uh have we done mistborn already i must have been doing let me see what date the date is in this yeah i must have been doing mistborn at this point and i think with elantris you asked me to make a little card or something that you could hand out at signings oh business card and then we made one for mistborn and then they were supposed to be kind of like collectible and then we just didn’t do them after that i don’t think but um lapocard kind of replaced kind of yeah and so i think that that was i was doing some maps for you and you asked me about design i was doing some design things and i was learning how to do indesign at the time and so i just type set it december 2007 okay yeah um so uh whatever was going on then that was so um two years after elantris after launchers came out but um i was writing like 2007’s when the wheel of time came when when was that december december 2000 so 2007 december 2007 was when the wheel of time was announced yeah um i was i got the phone call about it in september uh i believe and i went on tour i believe for mistborn two um it could have been miss let’s see five success mistborn two yeah um and i was writing i i was writing um or i just i just finished war breaker because i posted war breaker online as i was writing it so a lot the book that a lot of people read when the announcement happened was warbreaker because you get it free on my website that’s right uh so that’s what was happening 13 years ago and it was december because i probably was like what do i get branded yeah or christmas or birthday right yup here’s the uh here’s the uh kind of sci-fi cover should probably explain this is my second novel yes um so my first novel is the novel we call white sand prime right now which we do not share with people it’s really bad um there is a version of white sand that you’re supposed to get automatically when you sign up for the newsletter but i see lots of people emailing and saying i didn’t get this what happened uh it’s usually people who are trying to open it from their phone and it does not cooperate with phones so you have to do it from uh okay um but you just get a copy that’s the good version of white sand that we later turned into the graphic novel um the bad version of white sand is my first attempt at a novel and and interestingly enough your third one was the sequel the continuation the continuation the sequel where because this happens a lot of new writers you guys probably heard the story a hundred times uh your first book you just kind of end because you don’t know how to end a book yet but the story isn’t done you’re like this is really long i should just end this and so uh this i did this i’ve known other people done this too you just write a big fight and then you’re like done yeah it’s the book um and it kind of feels like eye of the world that happened too uh though in a much better way because he was a more experienced writer but if you have if you’ve read eye of the world it kind of feels like oh i need a climax to this been or we haven’t gotten to the place where i wanted to end let’s come up with a new climax uh and i know that’s true now having harriet heard harriet talk about how he pitched the first book uh as ending at where book three now ends and so uh this is way worse in mine than the way robert jordan did it we’re just like oh this is this is long enough end big fight and then book three which i still count as my third book um because you know they’re long enough is just pick up and actually write the ending of that story for another hundred or two hundred thousand it was it was two hundred thousand you put those together yeah and it’s four hundred thousand words long um and then you rewrote told the same story in a much more streamlined and better way for the yes for the white sand that we have now in roughly 200 000 and that was still too long yeah yeah maybe it would do better at 150 yeah um so maybe i’d have to look at it again it’s been forever yeah but starzan was my second book uh it’s the first readable book it’s not good but it’s the first readable book that i’ve written i wouldn’t give one or three to anyone uh four is pretty terrible that was my attempt at a comedy uh that was night life yeah um i can pull up and as i often say it’s a it’s a bob aspirin type comedy um um and so a farce um um and then uh pandora five is pandora which i read from um right at the the launch party so uh five is not bad uh but not great um elantra’s white sand and dragon steel are the three good ones out of out of there um and then either of knight is the other good one um mistborn prime and final empire prime prime are competent readable novels um that don’t quite uh match um they just don’t quite work uh they’re probably technically stronger than white sander dragon steel and more cohesive and better paced but not playing to my strengths narratively and uh final empire prime is a travelogue and misform prime is an anti-hero murder mystery thing so and i i i’m reading final empire prime right now and there’s there’s a lot of stuff in there from the cosmere that you yeah that i i eventually repurposed yeah you put into other places so so we will i i fully expect that we will do uh final empire prime and white and uh mistborn prime as sanderson curiosities um i don’t know at that point maybe aether of night would be worth doing is a curiosity white sand is the one that’s good enough that i’ve said before that there’s a chance i might just rewrite it and release an actual publishable prose version um into bookstores it’s the it’s the closest with aether of knight being the second closest yeah uh where’s that dragon steel um i couldn’t find it okay i just it might i think it might be your office well i think it’s on the top shelf on the uh furthermost left shelf maybe we don’t have it up do you want to go look at them if you know sure i mean no one’s going to be switching the camera yeah we won’t switch cameras isaac and i’ll just chat well do you want to ask you a question okay well if adam thinks he knows where it is no it’s not i mean isaac and i were talking about this a few uh talking about it a few weeks ago it would be really fun to read from it yeah tonight as the new year’s thing i bet people would enjoy that so yeah you guys just keep chatting and we’ll just be on our phones and read it yeah oh yeah we can just pull it out on our phones we will read it either way we’ll i’ll do some reading of it but it’d be fun to have the actual um version that uh dr thursby um had is my yeah my thesis chair i’m not sure where it is but dr thursby who is a fan fantastic professor i doubt she’s still there she’s probably retired by now um but she was uh the folklore professor at byu um and both emily and i took her classes several of them different years uh so we were never in the same class together the the one of the many near-misses like before you uh set me up on a blind date with emily we had both worked at the byu library just on different floors we had both taken dr thursby’s class and both of our senior course was her class uh just two different years because emily was a year ahead of me in school um and uh both in the byu band uh but in different um different instruments and so uh she thinks she saw me i’m not sure uh her memory is uh is good enough to have picked me out of the crowd back then but it was meant to be because then isaac uh set us up on a blind date yup and the rest is history but yeah fun times fun times so um that is the end of our show-and-tell we’re going to show them the yeah it’s going to well is it on me right now or is it if it’s on you or me yeah it’s on me wow all right here show up why don’t you show it i’ll show you there’s this oh it’s a snapdragon oh it’s elantris okay uh well that’s good we can show it wonder where our dragon steel is we’ll need to look into that and there’s elantra smile but this is not nearly as cool because when we made this i was already published they knew right like if they had waited oh where was it emily brought it over oh called it [Music] that’s right yeah so they made the honors theses be really small this is like a 200 000 word novel right yeah um yeah so um you should show them how tight the text is yes and it’s like front and back too yes yes well oh my word oh my god there you are um dragon steel that wasn’t even a typesetter someone took a screen a screen grab right there yes we did all right so let me uh let me do a reading from this what do you think that’s you want me to show off don chardon yeah doing a shop just talking about it we were gonna you were gonna hand it to me but now we’ll go to isaac and i will is it on me i will read so this is probably the the cutest proof that has ever been sent to us they sent it and this is the little paperback this is the size like the edge dancer paperback um um you know the best uh cover ever here um handwritten um but it’s just really cute let me show you one of the front pages and um there you go kind of fun uh it’s it’s gonna be it’s just gonna be a a lovely little um mini hardcover novel that i think everybody’s gonna enjoy so everything’s moving along great in those those directions i’m going to read the acknowledgements this might be fun to people from this is uh uh 2001 222 01.22. yes so um i must have like i graduated december um and so i must have taken me a little extra time to get the actual print out of this ready for people um or things like that because i graduate in december i’m pretty sure or january yeah whenever the semester end was i was 220 201 i was i was in dave’s class at that moment were you yeah in dave’s class i had just taken it yeah i was a sophomore in high school little baby yeah little little baby adam yeah where were you in 2001 in december yes i was four months old nice that’s dan’s daughter by the way four word and acknowledgements writing a novel is a very involved process and though the writing ultimately comes from one source an author cannot justly claim sole responsibility for the work for this version of dragon steel i have several groups of people i’d like to thanks for thank first my honors advisor jacqueline thursby who i’ve talked about at length she is awesome um and my referee paul thomas the shakespeare professor um and the chaucer professor he was also very helpful um who found time to struggle through a 280 000 word novel and give comments uh on its production uh dr thursby uh had read more fantasy uh dr thomas was just like this is great and then like you have thoughts he’s like well it’s not much like chaucer but it’s great um uh so yeah um again it was just the book i was writing at the time um sounds probably good that it wasn’t quite like chaucer yes yes boy have you heard chaucer read in the original uh old middle english oh man it’s gorgeous i love listening to chaucer because it’s so close to understandable that when you get a phrase and you’re like oh that that’s that phrase almost works in modern english and it’s like so poetic anyway uh chaucer’s if you’ve ever had this struggle through trosser go listen to chaucer in fact uh professor thomas worked on a project where they were doing readings of chaucer and um putting them up for people like on the internet back in the early days you could just download and listen to chaucer it was a big deal um so that’s a thing to listen to uh they actually have sean bean read some chaucer um in uh civilization six uh here’s here’s my my nerd thing when you you can get the great work canterbury tales he reads a passage it’s gorgeous coming from him with his with his brogue his accent uh reading the middle english like i could sit and just listen sean bean do an entire canterbury tales uh put it up on audible i’d buy it um don’t die in the middle of it um thanks also goes to the air’s honor department for being open-minded enough to accept a project of this amazing thesis yeah 280 000 words uh finally my writing group here they’d be dragons for their comments and suggestions uh so that writing group is dan wells um and i uh peter uh alstrom uh our good friend peter and um and uh ben olsen who crashed the stream so that would have been the writing group at the time uh those uh those three goofballs so um you can you can try to uh get them to give you spoilers but it’s been 20 years and they don’t remember a few notes about the manuscript dragon still was written in standard manuscript format though i shrunk the fundamentally to save paper and toner for this printing also because they forced me to like you can have this many pages uh some aspects that still remain one of these is use of underlying instead of italics both for emphasis and you can indicate a character’s thoughts uh i had problems with that with my thesis they’re like why is this i’m like it’s manuscript format um so i pr i could have just done a search and replace but i didn’t i don’t know why i have included a few maps at the back of manuscript oh my goodness yeah i remember this you can see how much my ms paint skills improved um between this and uh and the roshar map which i did the next thing in beauty right we might have to scan those to put those in the sanderson curiosity yes uh yes there’s an early ours arcanum in the back here that is just uh the religions um um oh world map world map that’s awesome [Laughter] how long has it been since you opened that and or held it um dr thirsty gave it to me which which happened like in 2009 or something it was after people had started to started to hound her for it and she’s like this you take this um yeah oh yes uh it has my social security number because you had to put your byu id number in your i’m sure when you’re holding yeah and so um the on the front page it has my social security number back before byu got dreamed for that when people started to take you know this sort of thing seriously like you’re making every student’s id they’re social they’re like yeah they’ll remember it’s easy like bad idea bad idea we need to we need to go redact that from every copy uh yeah oh it has my old phone number my old address if i ever need to remember where i lived um and my uh aol.com address uh email address which aol took away from me um a few months after this because you back then your email was tied to your isp um and gmail and things had not really come around hotmail had started by then um and if you stopped paying for the isp then you stop having an email um and that’s why moshe couldn’t find me via email uh when he wanted to buy elantris a year later uh because i had given up and hadn’t sent him a new thing because it’d been 18 months i’m like yeah all right so dragon steel chapter one no prologue oh my word the lumberman’s son was born into a world of magic perhaps others would not have thought so but to a young boy full of curiosity and wonder the forest was a place of enchantment jarrett saw magic in the growth of the great pines seeing seeds barely as large as a pebble eventually becoming monoliths was trunk so wide that when he hugged them pressing his cheek against the rough bark and stretching his arms to their fullest his fingertips still didn’t touch at the back he heard magic in the wind which blew whispers through the branches dropping cones and needles to the ground like a rattling waterfall he tasted magic in the fruits of the wilderness both berries both sour and sweet musty pine scents that tickled the back of his nose he felt magic in the forest life a group in which lumber’s man’s son included himself like the branch rat the wolf the rabbit and the deer jarrick was a creature of the woods that’s not too bad for uh for 20 years ago brandon uh certainly stands out compared to that uh scene i read from um from um incarnation of pandora during the the the the release event if you want to hear really early brandon go listen to that one um because that one is pretty bad this not so bad good job 2001 brandon i think i actually wrote this in 99 but uh no no no i was in 2000 because 99 i was uh i just finished um elantris when i took dave’s class in 2000 and so i wrote this i guess in 2000 right after his class so it was the book i was writing right when i was graduating his first steps had been taken on a floor of pine needles his home a simple hunt constructed from those same trees around that surrounded it the lumberman’s son knew other less fortunate children who lived in a village a short distance down the river a place where the mountainside tapered and the trees fell away into a broad plain here people lived cramped together their houses huddled like frightened rodents or birds too young to leave the nest other lumbermen lived in this village taking carts or boats each day to the lumbering camps jarrett could not understand these men they worked with the forest yet it did not intoxicate them like it should he did not know how they could leave the beautiful woods each day instead choosing to live in a place so crowded and suffocating jerich had friends in the village they didn’t see things the same way he did when he showed sen and the others a tree older and stronger than the rest they would shake their heads not understanding its strength when he found a large fishing fish swimming in the river’s sheltered shallows its bulbous on blinking eyes regarding him with an unasked question the other boys would only try to catch it when jarrick wondered how the clouds could move in the air when there seemed to be no wind the others would ask him why he cared so though trips to the village were exciting jared was always glad to return home home to his mother who would be finishing the day’s washing home to his forest on the mountainside where he could listen to the pines wrestling follow owls calling and twigs crackling as opposed to the silence caused by men yelling to one another he loved to accompany his father into the woods lumberman was so tall and broad-chested he seemed almost to be one of the trees ren’s arms were thick and rough with hair his tough axe calyx finger calloused fingers like ancient roots his beard like a thick gathering of pine needles that poked and scratched jarrett’s skin when they hugged his father had a deep had deep understanding brown eyes and wide lips that were usually parted in a contented smile as far as jared could tell his father was the only person alive who understood the force better than jarek himself rin could tell the strength and quality of a tree’s wood simply by rubbing his fingers across the bark he could see birds nesting high in branches that jerick had assumed were only shadows and he could always find sweet berry bushes to say the growing boy’s appetite more importantly the forest seemed to accept his father jerich soon came to understand that this was because his father respected the woods look at the trees around you my son by the way i’m not going to do the dialect i had dialect and dragon steel um and so people from um the rural areas don’t say the word the they just say so look at the trees um is what they would say but i’m not gonna do the dialect his father would instruct as they walk together man could be born groan and die in the time it takes one of them to get so high they’ve seen the likes of us come and go that would be all he said for a while rin didn’t speak much like not like the other lumbermen who always seem to have something to say and not enough people to say it to rin was a kingsman and cut lumber for the king’s shipping like the other lumbermen rin used the shiny bronze axe to do his work the most important possession he owned bronze was rare the only other piece of metal jericho’s family owned was his mother’s bronze cooking knife jericho heard men in the villages speaking of new a new stronger metal that discovered recently in the south something called mountain steel they said its name came because it was the same color as mythical dragon steel but jericho was was all the same he had never seen never seen the other one bronze was good enough for lumbermen as soon as he was able jared followed his father to the lumbering camp after a few weeks the questions to ask is after a few weeks the burly men welcomed his presence and he was allowed free reign of the camp where he watched thinking up questions to ask his father as they traveled home he wanted to know what made the men’s arms so big why the trees fell the way they did and what the lumberman did with all the branches they cut off the trunks he wanted to know why the king needed so much wood and how long it would it took to float all the way down the trailed river to the palace or the tree rod river some of the questions his father could answer others he could not some things jerick simply noticed and asked no questions most of these had to do with his father for instance after felling a tree his father would dig two holes and drop pine seed into each one the others did not every day when the work was done father would start a small fire of green pine needles sprinkled with punch and withered wither dust and let it burn among the trees slated for the next day’s lumbering the smoke would trigger a reaction and in the pine larks and cheps and they would fly or scamper away taking their young with them the other lumbermen would scoff at his father’s precautions but jerick washed with pride actions like these and dozens like them that the lumberman’s now ah well there’s a missing word actions like these and dozens like them were where the lumberman’s son learned the most important lesson his father ever taught him all life was precious such was jeric’s life up until his 11th year he wandered the forest helps helped his mother with cleaning and baking ran shores in the lumbering camp to him there could be little else to life he was content and he wanted nothing else his father however had other plans how much of this am i gonna read let’s see hmm i don’t know that we can get to hoyd um but by the way i think you’re uh too hard on yourself this is this is good this one’s not bad um so where dragon steel falls apart is in the whole construction of it um by this point i could write right um and um that’s a stark difference from some of the earlier ones by elantris dragon steel and white sand i could write um but what you find with newer writers journeyman writers i should say um is that consistently pulling off um everything coming together and making a full story was uh was a bit harder right and you it was hard to be consistent on that um and so the writing in these ones is good um and it’s i mean it’s no coincidence that it’s one of these books that eventually sold one from this this period of three novels um and so yeah um but i i consciously did a bit more of a storytellers um style for this you can see that first section is basically omniscient um and this is always kind of meant to be a story that hoyd was kind of telling after the fact um and you can kind of see hints of that in some of these sections other sections go full more into the third limited um but you can imagine that sequence that that i just read you uh all being taught said by hoyd uh to people who want to know about you know where every whatever what happened and how everything came to be it is chapter one but it does feel kind of prology yeah oh totally yeah that that you could say that that was a prologue because the next uh scene is fully in viewpoint and i’ll go ahead and read that um i i assume people are enjoying this um um but oh wow there’s romantic theory in the next uh next scene we’ll we’ll we’ll do some of that um so jared son go fetch your mother some water yes father was dark outside and his mother had little need of fresh water but jarrett complied quickly his father made few demands when he did the lumberman’s son did not question he did however run quickly so he could return to listen outside the door boyd notices notices things martle his mother is saying he’s quick of mine the other day javik and henry had been watching their hadn’t been watching the anger angle properly as they cut that tree would have fallen the wrong way and could have killed a man jerick saw the error in an instant he pointed it out to them a boy barely two hands old speaking lumbering to a pair of man who’d been cutting trees their entire lives he asked more questions than i can answer though sometimes he answers them on his own and what would you be having us do about it his mother asked jared could imagine the slight frown on her face as she asked the question her broad thing frame seated on the floor beside rin his mother was a pr was practical in all respects evaluating everything on its ability to be used when jeric asked her a question the answer always came in the form of another question usually asking him what he would do with the answer if he had it there’s that new school in the village his father explained they say the king himself ordered it built i’ve heard of it his mother said hesitantly his mother disapproved of anything that broke with tradition i’d take the boy to it once a week he’d be able to learn what could he learn that would do any doing any good to lumber in his mother asked probably nothing at all his father admitted this isn’t a natural thing wren it won’t last long the people won’t put up with it schools are for not novels and kings i use novels so nobles we had a nice little vowel shift in this not for lumbermen i know martel there was silence silence for a moment well then his mother said as long as you understand that i doubt there’s any harm in it just be sure not to let the boy get a wrong thinking about it learning could spoil him i doubt anything could be spoiled and jerick his father replied and so the lumberman’s son went to school the scholar was the most fabulous creature jared had ever seen no that’s not hoy his robes were made of cloth not furs or skins and they were a red as deep as the colors of the setting sun more amazing his hair was a pale yellow like the mane of a light cooler colored horse rather than deep black like everyone else his beard was not bushy and wide like that of jerich’s father but it was straight and stiff about a hand spang band long and only came out of his chin it was pulled tight and wrapped with thin strings making it ribbed like a bale of hay the beard resembled almost resembled a slice of bread with a short end glued to the bottom of the man’s face and made his chin seem like it was a foot long his head was covered when a tight cowl that stretched across his forehead then hung loosely against the back of his neck and his eyes were dissatisfied as he stepped from the chariot a wonder in itself and regarded the village jaw moved slightly and his face pulled tight as if as if he had suddenly tasted an extremely rotten bitter fruit around his neck jared could make out a gleaming cast mark the mark of a man’s rank in life it was made of gold rather than the plain wood of those like the lumbermen bow lad his father ordered jarrett complied joining the rest of the village and bowing before the strange man why do we bow father he mumbled as he lowered his head because the mans of noble blood boy ren explained lumbermen i’m not going to do all the accents but he says formers instead of farmers sound changed so the old idea is that the nobility um accent is shifting away from the way that um the accents of the low-born r which is kind of this fun thing that happens in linguistics and this is one of the things that causes sound shifts where you lost vowel shifts where you’ll often see different vowels getting replaced over time um i found i find that sort of thing very fun i’m probably not going to read that to you but you can see it when you read the book lumbermen and farmers must bow before you and higher than them whether it be a merchant a noble or even crafters the idea seemed wrong to jarrod but he said no more people were beginning to raise their heads and for the moment he was more interested in viewing the odd brightly clothed scholar than he wasn’t asking about the nature of the caste system classes will begin at noon the man declared in a high-pitched voice the word sounded odd as if the man couldn’t form them properly they were sharpened separated not smooth and comfortable like what jared was accustomed to hearing what’s wrong with his speaking jarek asked for ellington’s brown confusion that’s how novel speaking boy our speaking boy his father explained they got the same they’re not the same as lumbermen they think differently they have learning you’ll get used to it now go play till noon since we’ve come to town might as well see about getting my act sharpened jerrick nodded zai is seeking out sen and yawn two of the boys that he use usually played with however as his father walked off toward the smiths jarrett turned away from the boys he was still more interested in the scholar than anything else man was speaking softly to millard head of his father’s lumbering camp millard was a short man with graying hair his head bowed practically to waist level and he was bobbing up secret seek subsequently jarek had never seen such behavior from the foreman before eventually camilla gestured for the scholar to follow him man nodded to his several companions two pac-men and a young woman younger woman that jerick hadn’t noticed before she must have also been a noble for her hair was light and luxuriously wrong long not cropped short at the shoulders or pulled up in a bun the scholar reached up his hand to help the woman from the bronze chariot she looked to stay split the ground the jury couldn’t understand what she found wrong with it it was after all just ordinary mud mill led the four to a house at the center of the village jarrett had noticed the building earlier it had been a storehouse but that had been emptied and its walls washed and naturally cleaned by the efforts of a dozen workmen he wondered why what it would just be used for not the school a building on the other side of town that had been prepared a building on the other side of town had been prepared for that it couldn’t possibly be a place for the scholar to live it was far too large for that what would one man even four do with so much space it was so silly an idea that jericho only gave it passing thought as the five people disappeared into the building jerick made a decision he ignored the calls of the other boys waving for them to go on without him and wandered over the structure looking as if you were interested in a pile of stones beside this front path his interest soon changed into a small to a small beetle a large leaf and several other objects that progressively brought him closer to the building until he was standing just beneath a window admiring a snail as it climbed up the whitewashed wooden wall though though his eyes followed the snail his ears stretched to catch more of the noble strange words he jumped his surprise as the door opened and milled and the two pacman left determined not to run away jerick focused his eyes on the snail and tried to look engrossed the men paid jared no heed and they congratulated himself on his strong nerves then thanked the snail for remaining so calm as well a small creature continued to slide along completely oblivious to jerry for its own part in the subterfuge probably would have cut that line uh if i were doing it now that’s a that’s that’s a very uh common uh sort of you’ve already made the joke you don’t need to linger calming himself with a few breaths jared can concentrate it again his efforts were rewarded and soon he could make out the whiny snappish voice of the scholar speaking within i spend an entire year training trexodus the grandest center for learning on the continent and my reward forced exile to an insignificant mud pit on the far side of the kingdom the strangely accented words sounded less authoritative than they had before it almost remembered the resembled the voices of the younger boys who pled to be allowed to play with jerich’s friends calm yourself brother a second feminine’s voice sued i cannot and i will not call myself calm myself well and the scholar snap you cannot feel what an outrage disappointment is tomorrow that chariot will carry you back to emery leaving me to be forgotten he must hate me perhaps he simply wants someone to teach the people here the scholar snorted loudly teach lumbermen and farmers well anne be rational what purpose could that serve i do not know the woman confessed it seems ridiculous but it did appear sincere when he gave you the instructions it must be a how moved by how strafing to discredit us the scholar declared as if he hadn’t heard his sister’s comment discredit us one’s voice was now amused brother know how much no matter how much you think your trick how much your trip to trexedos inflated your pride you can’t possibly have diluted yourself into thinking you’re important enough for house politics you’re the fourth son of a second son be glad the family didn’t decide to send you off to the eternal war and be rid of you that’s where the shattered planes are in this book there was no reply to that comment but jarrett could feel the satisfaction seething through the wall so what will you teach them the woman eventually asked as little as possible the philosophy of the three realms of existence is far beyond them perhaps i’ll teach them some tricks of mathematics or history things that might actually be practical in a place like this reading by the lord’s no the scholar replied you know what damage that could do the king implied that’s why he was sending you the woman noted how you get around it reading requires materials well ann the scholar said with a self set self-satisfied tone look around this town i doubt you will find a single scroll of text jarrett waited patiently for the conversation to continue but either two decided not to speak further or they had moved to another part of the building saying jerick realized how little of the conversation he’d understood none of it made sense to him one thing was clear the scholar had spoken to the king himself and that made him an important man indeed jared had heard stories of the king and knew from knew from them that the only that only important people ever spoke to the man directly reaching up he allowed the snail to slide down to his hand then rose from a squat to walk away from the building he placed the snail in a shrub he often on the shrubby often saw the meeting then wandered off in the direction the other boys had gone all right we’ll stop there um so the initial premise of dragon still which you guys will eventually be able to read uh is the king has a bet on whether um a people from a rural village can be trained to be as smart as people from the noble court um and this is part of the bet and that’s kind of the initial uh place that this starts and goes um hoyt shows up pretty overtly he’s got viewpoints in this book so uh he is not hidden at all you will see him when he comes on screen um and you will know him um i think he goes by safandrius in this one um and um yeah you will uh you’ll be able to read that eventually um like i said it’s not bad um it’s there it’ll be easier for you to compare uh when you get to the the bridge four sequence uh which is was originally in dragon steel and compare it to the new bridge four sequence uh from way of kings and see how the new bridge four sequence is uh so much more strong um i hope i hope the 2010 version is better than the 2000 uh version but uh eventually you guys will be able to read that um and i hope you guys will enjoy it uh it is no longer cosmere canon um so uh and nothing and it really spoils too much i mean it spoils some of the magic system that’ll eventually be part of dragon steel and some of those things but when i go back to this planet uh it’ll be hoyd’s viewpoint uh jerick has basically been written out of the cosmere i don’t know that i will ever do a book about him um it’s possible but there’s so much overlap between his story and caledon story now um that i don’t know if i uh could do it and make it interesting and distinctive uh one uh one um young and somewhat brooding uh man raised um to be a scholar from a uh no-name village uh is probably enough for the cosmere even though there there are distinctive different parts since caledon’s father um was uh educated so um it’s questions for isaac it’s 11 20.Oh it’s 11 20 already yeah so yeah well i mean you showed up and the you said throw some questions toward isaac yeah yeah let’s do if they have any questions there let’s do it and then i’ll i’ll go back to uh my uh oh yeah you can just dance party with my daughters you’re gonna do so we need to let you go soon enough yeah um the next uh yeah next next 10 minutes yeah all right um drew wants to know how you got into making maps um so i there we go hi drew um i i started making maps when i got the legend of zelda as an eight-year-old i pulled this game out and it was golden and shiny and we’d just gotten a nintendo and i um found some graph paper and i started graphing out the the game um and then carrying it around in my pocket um and looking at it at uh in elementary school so i started doing that i was fascinated by it but my dad had these old paperbacks of um tolkien the the ones that he’d picked up in a garbage can in college but they were the old ones where the all three books line up and they do sort of this tapestry this this one big picture um and i remember finding those on the bookshelf and they had these maps of places that i knew were not on the earth because i had a globe that you know we’d spin it and i’d figure out where where i was gonna go and it was usually the ocean um so um that that’s how i i just had a fascination with that and um when i i got older i joined some and and i got into fantasy i read the dragon bone chair i had a map in the front of it um i i joined uh some groups on the the bulletin board systems at the time you know with the old modem um that were fantasy groups and i just i was interested in art and i told the people on these fantasy forums that i did maps and i just started doing maps of my own things my own stories i’d make planets i’d make maps for those planets i started doing a map for a shared world on that um that eventually that all broke up and uh me and another author we wound up writing that book that was my first book i wrote it with him and i did the maps for that those are probably the earliest maps that i still have what’s the name of that book tribute to the king okay um and uh shout out to my friend paul wolf holloman who probably is not watching this but um i wrote the book with him and and he he uh we it’s been a while since i’ve been in touch with him but uh so that that was i was just doing maps and things and then um i was still doing maps for my my novels after i served a uh a mission for my church and um when brandon and i met up he didn’t know i did maps but he knew i had a no he didn’t even know i had a degree in art but i was drawing on the tablecloth at uh and he was obviously a professional caliber but what was funny is that i’m draw i was drawing a face and you saw that and you’re like hey wanna do maps for my next book but you had no idea that i’d done tons of maps i just kind of uh looked for friends who did art because i had heard having control over the map is a better idea than just letting it know and so i had jeff career do my my first map and he was an artist but had never really done maps and he did a great job yeah he did but maps were not his thing so i was actively looking for friends that could draw because as you have seen i cannot um i think it was a bit serendipitous you know that then so anyway that was my uh he said you want to do maps for mistborn and uh i i had at that time point graduated in uh art 3d animation and i’m sure i knew by then didn’t i you’re going out to dinner yeah it just it seemed it’s been so long who knows what i was thinking i just remembered thinking i’m drawing a face sure but i do have i i do know how to do maps so there there’s a chance maybe there was a map in well i don’t know but okay i knew you were an artist i had to have known artists right i don’t know because that’s one of the reasons we came became friends is because you were my age and i’m like one of these things is not like the others looking at the sea of freshmen yeah that’s true faces and then isaac and i’m like what are you you’re like uh i’m going to become an optometrist but um you know i came back to school uh to that and i saw your class and i decided to take it um so so maybe what it was is you hadn’t seen any of my art up to that point yeah i hadn’t seen it yet but i think i knew that you had been an art major and you had come back to do something practical with your life um and got derailed and got derailed again um into the wildly impractical life that is now our life um which is way more secure than all of our friends who have practical jobs um we live in fantasy land we do live in fantasyland but you know we’re not the only one like dan has had the same job yeah we talked about this right all our friends who like computer programmers and stuff they’ve changed jobs and been fired and those are the jobs that are you know quote very uh very stable jobs and meanwhile we’ve had the same job now this is the longest job that i’ve had since uh graduating years ago and you could have stayed doing the art right uh um at video game companies but they’ve the one that i was at when you you um hired me is no longer around um so i would have had to have gone on to something something else a lot of the guys that i was with do other things like insurance or investing you know um but are artists at heart um that’s sad the the video game industry the amount of turnover there are among companies that is just a rough business that is the more i learn about it the more unsustainable i feel that it is and it’s not just turnover of the little companies right like we had friends that worked for avalanche they got bought by disney that then you know had bought by something else same sort of thing happened and yeah it’s just yeah are there other people here oh hi isabel uh i was just seeing if there were someone else that had decided to crash the stream i.e if one of my other children had shown up well ben olsen is in the chat so we know what’s not ben’s in the chat yeah or at least he was i was complimenting ben and he was actually there that’s not supposed to happen what have i done hurry backtrack backtrack ben was useless we’re retconning the retconning the earlier the straight acknowledgements uh speaking of how helpful ben was he you didn’t have a like strange uh quote in the middle of his name or anything his name didn’t actually go in it just i just think it’s just the writing group yeah um i wasn’t his uh my my acknowledgements foo was not quite as uh leveled up as it is now where i’ve moved on from mentioning people by name and instead mention them by made-up nickname that i’m only now coining for them and whatnot so um another question is are you planning on writing more broadsheet stories for the lost medal um i’m assuming at this point that that i’ll just i’ll do what i’ve done in the last two so i i didn’t do much on the alloy ones at all that was you peter and on the first one the first time the first one i wrote elements of jack wrote the next two but i wrote the the next two and so i’m assuming that we’ll just kind of do what we did last time one of our goals is eventually to have isaac writing some mistborn uh books or graphic novels um because he’s the only person who knows it as well as i do um and who could do it justice um and so people want a more cosmere and so the goal is eventually to do that but he has his hands full with white sand stuff right now huh yeah which is you know preparatory for yeah if you do a graphic novel or whatnot then yeah but uh but outlining a couple of cosmere stories right now you’re the only one who’s written canon cosmere fiction other than me um because the nikki savage story is in world fiction but it’s you know yeah um and the the other uh alan answered jack one with the other jack story yep whatever the cuff links of the i can’t remember exactly what it was the lord rulers cuff links yep uh but yes so um anyway we should let you go um and i will continue signing things maybe i’ll open a fan mail does that sound like fun let’s open a fan mail happy new year yes uh from chloe in um columbus yeah yep in columbus ohio um oh it’s this this is handwritten with amazing handwriting chloe uh props to you um what excellent handwriting um how does the revision process for alcatraz differ from your adult series thank you chloe um so um i will look over the rest of that later thank you for the fan mail uh chloe um so the revision alcatraz is a very different process from other books because when i write the alcatraz books i like to discovery write the whole book um and i usually approach this like an improv uh comedy uh sketch where what i’ll do is i’ll brainstorm a bunch of props quote unquote for myself to use in the story uh for the first one this was talking dinosaurs right just things that occurred to me i make a big list i’m like i have to draw at least three or four items from this list um and make a story around it and then i just start writing because the books are improv the revision process then needs to do more work to give a structure to the story so they are really off beat and a little off kilter as i write them i try to retain as much as that as possible but inject actual story foreshadowing and these sorts of things that don’t exist in um that i don’t have to do in my other books generally because i have outlined them but i think discovered writing is a important enough skill uh for a writer to have because sometimes you go off script in your in your outlined books as we’ve talked about that it’s good practice and i considered the alcatraz books to be practice for that skill um so that’s what the outline the the revision process is there’s also a lot of cutting bad jokes uh in the revision process of uh the alcatraz books because things that seem funny when you’re writing the book don’t always seem as funny in second uh or third draft um and that’s sometimes because you’ve read it too many times but a lot of times you can tell that you’re like i was just in a mood and that one does not land so what else have we got from the chat uh well coincidentally it can’t be the same person but ben olsen says uh brandon tell us about the time you drew a webcomic oh ben it is the same ben olson i i figured yeah thank you ben thank you ben i took an art class in college um i took one drawing class because i figure part of the purpose of drawing or of being at in college is to take a lot of these things i took a book binding class i took a calligraphy class and i took a um an art class and a visual art class and during that um we were encouraged to start up an art project of some sort that would get us drawing every day consistently to improve our art skill and since i had given this advice to many writers even back then though i wasn’t professional yet i said i’m going to try a web comment because everybody uh does web comics um and so uh this was like when the big boom of webcomics happened there was nothing distinctive or interesting about it um and it only lasted during the course of that semester um while i was taking that class it was very much just imagine early 2000s webcomic drawn by a guy in college and you can get all the the salient bits from that pitch um but uh i did try uh drawing it and i what i i um i uh tried to do multiple different styles in the webcomic and that didn’t work because i didn’t know art well enough to do multiple different styles but it was fun uh it was a fun three or four month project uh ben was a character as uh when you made web comics in college in the early 2000s the characters were always you and your group of friends um so yeah i don’t know what else uh there there’s ben ben’s got the ben’s got the great stories um he knows how embarrassingly bad the art for that web comic was and how happy i am that it vanished uh you can go look at the first schlock mercenary and uh know that my art was not nearly of the caliber of that and you’ll somehow you’ll you’ll get the idea uh alexander wants to know which of your villains are you most and least happy with most and least happy with huh um at least i’ll probably cheat and use pat and feign as i’ve said before um i after the fact looking back at the wheel of time ending pad and feign is one that i feel like i dropped the ball a little bit on um and you can find longer explanations of that like in the the wheel of time stream that we did uh recently that eventually will go up on my channel right adam uh if it hasn’t already i’m sorry e stream that i did for jason will eventually go on as soon as he gets it to me yeah uh and i’ll talk about pat and fame so at least you can go back to finding the next question i’m sorry i was no no worries i hate from that that’s what you have to be doing um my most proud of um is a spoiler a character um um that you find out is a villain only at the end of the way of kings um is the villain i’m most proud of now for a while it was raven um but um the amount of depth i’ve been able to do and work i’ve been able to do on this character and the kind of twists and turns that this character has been able to take um i am very proud of uh all the different incarnations of how this character worked and so uh he is now the villain i am most proud of jonathan says have you ever considered writing a full-length novel that’s not fantasy or sci-fi if yes what genre would you write instead um so i’ve considered it uh it’s unlikely to happen because i just like this uh enough but most likely would be some sort of detective piece um you know mystery classic mystery is the only other thing that i’ve read in extensively enough that i feel like i could write something that was not um like if you haven’t written in a lot of in a genre um one of two things can happen uh the thing you hope will happen is what happened with i i mentioned i was playing katamari damacy with my my children this is a game designed by someone who had never designed games before and was able to approach the gaming uh world from a very different viewpoint that made a unique and original piece of art that is just delightful most of the time that’s not what happens most of the time when you approach doing something that’s never that you haven’t been part of the conversation in uh that you haven’t read in what you end up doing is you end up writing the same book that everyone else writes as their first book that is in that case uh derivatives the wrong term because you haven’t read it it’s just horribly horribly cliched because it is the same story everyone thinks of a lot of times that’s what happens and my worry going into a lot of genres is that that’s the book i would write right that um you sometimes find this happening i will not mention any names but someone comes to a genre like fantasy and says i have written this thing that no one else you know um had ever thought of and it is so cool and original and unique um and it is the same story that the science fiction grand masters just complete completely ran into the ground uh in the in the 40s through 70s exploring every direction and interesting archetype of it uh and this person thinks you know because those fantasy science fiction people are not good writers they could never have thought of this um and so they released this thing that is just 50 years behind ah and well worn by authors who knew a lot more about the genre let’s just say that i don’t want to be that person um fortunately i’ve read enough mystery and i’ve read a decent amount of thriller that i feel like i could do something in those realms that wouldn’t feel that way there aren’t i don’t know that i could do that in a lot of other genres um i often say that the genre that is closest to epic fantasy is probably the historical epic something like saxon tales is the closest is probably closer to game of thrones than things that are shelved on the shelf next next to game of thrones but to really do a great historical requires um some research and study that i couldn’t currently haven’t done um i could co-author one i bet that would be pretty killer um but it would require someone else and i don’t have a ton of interest in that because i feel like there are other people whose books i can read like saxon tales that are just really well written and well done and they’re they are moving their genre forward in the same way that i hope i am moving the epic fantasy genre forward and it feels very satisfying to be working in epic fantasy and to really feel like um i have been able to for the last 10 years or so kind of really be on the forefront of one of the prongs of where the genre is going um granted if the past is any uh example which normally it is a good example then i will soon kind of continue down this path but other things will branch off and become the avant-garde things and whatnot but hopefully people are still interested in what i’m doing and hopefully i can continue to make interesting fiction that uh pushes the epic fantasy genre in interesting directions there you go me my skirt and i want wants to know if there’s chocolate on roshar chocolate um no chocolate on rochar chocolate uh on schedule i believe i’ve even mentioned it uh on schedule before um if i haven’t um in fact i’m i’m almost 100 certain uh i mentioned in the last uh schedule book but there is no chocolate unless you know uh there there’s the possibility that some world hopper managed to bring you know a piece of chocolate but uh i mean uh roshar is the rashar the the first five stormlight books are even a few years behind the wax and wayne books in the chronology and chocolate’s kind of coming to be known in those books so so no chocolate on roshar i’m sorry if you’re a chocoholic you definitely want to choose schedule it is also the closest to instant noodles so that’s where hoyd wants to be uh tactless tactless word ace says how do you get the courage to tell your family you want to be a writer oh man let’s uh let’s uh let’s sit down by the fire and say i’ve been there um i have totally been there the best thing you can do is get confidence in your writing first um people respect and respond to confidence uh this is kind of unfortunate in a lot of ways because a lot of the people who deserve more confidence don’t have it if that makes sense uh and you may well very well be one of those people um you know there are very many unassuming people who are extremely skilled that are not that don’t do as well with that as they should but the number one thing you can do is write and be confident in your writing you won’t be able to show them paychecks for for a long time most likely but what you can show them is dedication and i don’t know how old you are um but for most people in their teens um or young 20s this is particularly true of teenagers if i were for instance if my son um said well i’m a different case because i became an artist right but i can imagine that if i’d gone to my parents and said i want to be a writer and had been aggressively writing stories and they had known about it and i was doing this thing that um was taking my time and i was being consistent with that the response would be different than uh it is when someone says like imagine it for something like music right my son came to me right now and said dad i want to be a professional musician uh joel who is just learning to play trombone my thought would be well you’d better stop making us tell you to go practice your trombone right like if we did what don’t say anything he doesn’t practice he’s 13.That’s natural no problem right but if you are wanting to get up the the the the strength to go and say this is what i really want to do with my life you are going to have so much more to back you if you have already been spending several hours a week or if you can a day working on your stories if you spend six months giving up your saturday four hours saturday um writing a story and getting confidence in the fact that you can be consistent on this and then you you say to your family hey did you guys read the story i’ve written um and they can see like you won’t have to tell them you want to be a writer they will see it in the fact that this is what you’re actively pursuing and they will respond better to that most likely all people are different so i can’t promise it but most likely than if you say you want to be a writer and the first thing that enters their mind is great where’s the writing you’ve done right so be confident in your writing and be consistent make sure that it is something you want to do right if you are listening to this and you have told me this but you haven’t been spending hours every week working on your writing are you sure right um can you make yourself write consistently across months of time toward working toward a goal that will take you 10 years probably to reach which you only have i’d say you know a 5 chance of being able to make a living at um better chance than most people will tell you have but still can are you going to do that if the answer is yes if you’ve already been working for months you’ve produced things you should have confidence in your writing even if um you aren’t of a publishable quality quality you have done the part that you can control if you are consistent if you are writing a book a year already um around you know 100 000 words a year um at what i would say is you know kind of a minimum rate uh honestly um then you deserve to have that confidence you should start to feel like like you are already a writer if you’re doing that it’s not mom and dad i want to be a writer it is you are a writer you might not be a pro yet but once you do that you’re my colleague um that’s the bigger step the more important step to take publishing is the more difficult because it’s outside of your control to an extent but you’ve already done the harder in some way or difficult strong term yeah the more difficult step is being published but you’ve done the part that i respect the most um and so ask yourself those things and at that point if you’ve done this then you can say i really would like to be a writer i have tried this for the last two years and i have consistently been able to write it is something that i love um it is something that i feel i am skilled at and it is uh either way something i’m going to pursue because i have found a talent in myself that i am encouraging and then you can say here are the two novels that i’ve written maybe you’re like me and you’ve already written you know six and now you’re just like how do i get the courage you deserve to have that courage and you deserve to tell them to be able to tell them look this is something i’m doing i’m already doing it um i i would like to go to school perhaps to study this further um with me um i was uncertain of my writing when i was a teenager we all are um i had not completed a novel but i had started doing spending several hours a week working on them i hadn’t hit the 100 000 words a year rate but i would say i was pretty close um for two years i’d been somewhere around you know 60 or 70 000 words a year for my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college um that’s when i did my church service and i came back and after that it was consistently two to three hundred thousand words a year every year from then on um and so my parents stopped like before when i’ve been in high school they’ve been like you should go you know be a doctor you should go um by the way i should watch see we will stop 11 minutes no i have a thing good uh after i was doing this they didn’t even start make those hints they could see that this is something i was doing and i was an adult and i had made the decision i changed my major to english that’s not a thing they could control and at that point they just hoped and prayed for me um and they got worried when i hit my 30s and i had not sold anything and was not married um that they did they did worry about that um but what they couldn’t um they couldn’t say anything about was how much work i had put into it um because that was self-evident so hopefully that helps um i don’t know where you are in that process um if you are a newer writer if you are a teenager spend some time as a teen you don’t need to be doing 100 000 words a year but spend some time spend a couple hours every week and make sure this is something you can get yourself to do without being asked by somebody else that habit will just serve you well the rest of your life ron barrell says what are your thoughts on non-traditional options for authors such as publishing their work as web serials or authors who receive support mostly or entirely through something like patreon um i think these are great things that are happening uh and very exciting for um for writers and artists um in general if you can make that work um there is a there i i find that all these things really exciting um because um having that much control over your career like i’ve had to fight to get that level of control in traditional publishing which i now have but it is not an easy thing to come by and um there’s always the worry that with the snap of someone’s fingers my career could vanish uh it won’t because we have done some of those steps ourselves part of what i’ve said the kickstarter was for that if jeff bezos snapped his fingers and said you know what i don’t like that sanderson guy take his books off of amazon and off of um um audible and he did that that is 80 of my income or more he could snap his fingers and make me vanish but i have a direct path to publication without a publisher um through something like kickstarter and could start a patreon and that is just enormously comforting a lot of authors in the 80s and 90s did not have that and back then it wasn’t amazon but a publisher could be like this is this doesn’t this author’s stuff just doesn’t doesn’t quite sell enough or isn’t what we want to do or what would often happen is a publisher gets sold to another publisher like oh we want to shake up the line um do some new things which is um was publisher speak for let’s cut everybody except for the big best sellers um and do a whole bunch of newer cheaper authors and see if we can make some of them into best sellers there are a lot of authors whose entire careers were upended or or just completely ended by things like that happening if you are doing web serial or and patreon and stuff then um you have a different level of control and you have a direct access to fans um and it’s entirely possible that that’s where everything goes in the future i don’t i kind of hope it won’t i like bookstores i like physical books i like this sort of thing but it’s possible for instance uh doomsday scenario um so i don’t know if you guys know but things like spotify which i totally use um it’s not like i’m sitting on a high horse i love you know spotify and stuff has just made um musicians incomes collapse just vanish and fortunately they had touring as a method as a secondary method of income and indeed many of the artists had had such terrible contracts with the recording industry that they were already making very little off of their um their albums and were making their money off of touring um it’s entirely possible that amazon will have its way they are trying very hard to start up subscription services for books that will act like spotify um that will just you know completely collapse the book industry uh like the music industry was collapsed it’s totally possible that that will happen um or you know it’s possible that um things will happen with libraries which again i love libraries i’m glad they’re around but it’s entirely possible that some big thing could happen with overdrive where they have all the books in ebook and they have someone releases a really good e-reader or e-reader app and suddenly there’s just no reason to ever buy a book again off of amazon you just go to overdrive click it and it comes why would you go to amazon totally possible that the whole industry collapses because of something like that but because of direct access to fans uh there are other avenues so it makes me really really happy uh like the web cartoonists that we talked about earlier have pioneered this sort of thing and if we needed to we could be directly fan supported in a different way from the way we are directly or indirectly fan supported right now that’s a long roundabout way of putting my perspective on it as a traditionally published author in the in the system as a new author looking at these things if that sort of thing is exciting to you then i give it a big thumbs up i would go talk to you know if you can talk to the person who writes worm or some of these people who work uh by a patreon and things like that and find out what works for them and uh how things are going and that sort of thing listen to them i don’t know what to do all i know is that it’s an exciting thing that exists uh that i’m glad exists and anything that offers more options to writers um like i know there are writers out there who would rather not be paid by book that would rather just have like the patreon and just be directly supported in that way and that comforts them they like that more uh the fact that there are more options like that uh can’t be a bad thing either for the authors or for the fans um it’s a good thing so thumbs up uh see if give it a try see if it works for you i do not have specific details on how to do it or what might make it work uh you want to go to an expert uh jericho wants to know if you have any fun tricks planned to teach jello fun tricks plan to teach jello so um he’s uh he’s good at tricks so the trick we would most like to teach him is don’t bite strangers which is kind of hard with kovid uh he was very good at don’t bite strangers before kovet and now he’s very bad at don’t bite strangers um indeed we would like to teach him the trick of don’t bite us uh it doesn’t bother me like he never bites hard enough to hurt me but emily is more sensitive to that and so it’s tough because um what doesn’t hurt me might hurt her and so we’re trying very hard to teach him hey let’s uh let’s be less bitey all around which is hard when you’re a macaw and bite is the thing you do um other tricks but real tricks um i do want to teach him maybe someday roll over though i’ll call it ninja bird to do his ninja moves um it’s all seeing a bird roll over is just hilarious i think it’s really fun um but that takes a lot of work um so right now we’re doing batman which is hang upside down um so that’s his his new trick is uh when he hangs upside down when she does a lot we click reward him and say batman and so theoretically he should eventually hang upside down and say batman when he wants a treat uh but we’ll see we’ll see how consistent we are with it hopefully you don’t need to kill us parents yeah yeah wow so where are we uh we have a little over two minutes two minutes left two minutes till the new year yes oh yes you need to hat me oh yes it is it’s right here um all right might as well get ready here it is the queen emily has arrived uh are you going to come be on the stream maybe you should they want you to be on the stream i’m sure they do i’m sure they do yes i’ll throw things at you okay there will be things thrown at me apparently from off screen uh which will be uh no i don’t think emily wants a microphone so um thanks for hanging out with us i hope this was fun for some of you who couldn’t go to traditional uh new year’s parties which is most of us yeah um you know unless you live in like uh japan or or new zealand where they did just a really uh banger job with making sure that kobe was smashed um you probably can’t but um i wonder what memes we’re gonna get from you in that hat oh yeah it’s gonna happen yeah yeah meme review for next time so one minute one minute uh we are gonna be behind the rest of the world are we um well i mean because there’s a latency oh yeah yeah there’s like so we’ll do it right on time and you guys will see it latently because adam has the official countdown am i going to get a thing to throw out the blow oh i’ve got a popper i’ve got a popper yeah throw a thing at me to blow on this will make a great meme i’m sure yeah you can throw them at me so they’ll be on screen is everybody ready to throw them at me yes so wait i gotta fix your hat first oh no my hat 15 seconds oh how embarrassing you had it backwards i had it backwards how embarrassing oh uh five four three two one [Applause] [Music] minor oh no my brother’s here everyone hugo award-winning audio engineer jordan sanderson [Applause] [Music] i think you should you should someday uh um ask uh dan how it feels to have the same number of hugo awards as you jordon yes because dan is a kind human being unlike us uh well you’re gonna make sure there are memes aren’t you [Applause] so happy new year everybody uh sorry that it had to happen like this hopefully next year you will have a more uproarious and enjoyable new year than hanging out with a boring author signing his name 2 000 times but at least isaac was here to be to be charming and oliver was here to be oliver so happy new year everybody uh we’ll be back in two weeks uh probably for another one of these streams um or things it’s going to be different though because my class is starting up and so we might have to be moving these to another night um which we have talked about doing or something like that uh because i still need to sign a whole bunch of these things and so we’ll figure it out but uh we’ll figure it out in the oh it is the new year later in the new year than it is now bye everybody take care [Music] hi i’m isaac stewart art director here at dragon’s

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