1308 – ProGear 400LS 2 in 1 Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike with Heart Pulse Sensors

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ProGear has just made your residence exerciseworkout most complete and handy with its 2-in-1ProGear 400 Ls This peculiarities a compounding Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike with stomach pulsesensors that has been ideally designed as a super room saver. Numerous residences, condosand accommodations is not have sizable exercising localities, so the ProGear 400 Ls is perfect for restriction spaces.Our ProGear 400 LS Air Elliptical and Exercise bike comboprovides a complete low-impact, cross-training machine perfect forexercising your upper and lower body It makes up very little room and can beeasily moved around. Cycling is comfy with this large, readily adjustable 4 guidances accommodate and when you want to switch exercisesthe transition is easy. The sit slithers back and does notinterfere with your oval-shaped exercising The natural oval-shaped motion eliminatesstress on your braces and ankles. Oversized pedals with a ribbed pattern add to your safety and help to preventfoot slippage while exercising These dual action handlebars volunteer alonger reach of gesture so you maximize your upper torsomovement to get a ended workout and stretch.By employ your ProGear 400 LS regularly you’ll burn calories and at the sametime strengthening the abs, thighs, calves and overall leg muscles you’ll take the stress of your backwhile developing your overall core fortitude. Out built in heart pulsemonitor calculates your heart rate so you can stay within your target heartrate zone. Our ProGear 400 Ls Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike featuresheart pulsation sensors a 14 -inch pace capability, 4-way directional adjustable hoofs that holds up to 250 pounds easy dial strain setting, and LCD display that records hurried, distantce, calories burned, and elapsed time.Stabilizer mission caps canbe adjusted to level your ProGear 400 LS on any face. Eventually, withtransportation wheels supplied, the 400 Ls is easy to move. At ProGear Fitness, We know that abide hydrated isimportant while you workout so we’ve even included a water bottleholder. Big things do come in tiny containers. The ProGear 400 Liters 2-in-1 Air Elliptical and Exercise bike is onebig workout that makes up very little space it’ll give you a total body exercising at avery affordable price we even include a 1-year limitedwarranty for your peace of mind. So why wait! Try the ProGear 400 Liters and start working out for a healthier you !.

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