$10 vs $1000 Rowing Machine Review

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so there’s pretty much one constant in every single one of our videos and that is the concept to machine nonetheless there are a lot more machines out there what would happen if I could find a ten dollar machine instead of having to pay a thousand for the concept to let’s figure that out all right so I got a beat on a $10 rowing machine that’s at a shipment supermarket about the mile mile and a half for my house we’re gonna go see if that actually exists and if it does we picking it up and we’re gonna come back and refresh this thing so let’s just go receive[ Music][ Music] this is the consignment shop been hunting around and I didn’t see anything until you’re kidding with me[ Music] oh male they certainly have been $ 10 and we got this guy all of it hydraulic based tantor e2 Theory rowing machine I don’t even know if it works there’s hiding behind an armoire[ Music][ Music][ Music] so it got the two machines let’s take a look at our two competitors individually and recognize what we’re up against so rowers generally don’t consider any other machine other than the concept to and maybe our p3 as legitimate machines in the world of rowing but that’s principally because those machines allow for legitimate testing so you get data that you can spread across anybody uses the machines it’s trusted data and you can use it to stack up against one another as well as the algorithms that they use are relatively similar to what you’re gonna find on the sea so you’re not going to see these enormous divergences the other thing is that so many people have adopted these machines that it means that they’re very usable and that’s really where a conception to has a leg up on the rest of the market now are there a entire knot of other effective machines perfectly but what we’re talking about is can you get a great workout out of a ten dollar machine yes ten dollars technically I think it was ten eighty three because I had to pay tax for in California but the question is how do these two things stack up against one another now let’s begin by taking a look at each of the machines before we is starting our first opponent I’m going to pronounce as done thirty it’s originally a Finnish firebrand and I don’t know a whole lot about it it’s not a label I “ve heard of” before but apparently they created the first the world’s first cycling or gamma tur indoor rowing or gamma tur back in 1969 so let’s take a look at the stats on tongue 30 -ton Centuri somebody correct me on that in the comments below please first the dentary is primarily from Finland dr.Dey represents large-scale mountain in Finnish and this is a Finnish located corporation in 1969 they created the world’s firstly residence manager with an ergometer now that fragment is interesting because the concept extremely is called an ERG which is short for Peugeot meter and that is why it’s called an ERG is because it’s an ergometer machine as well the simulation that we have appears to be pre-1 990 it is piston driven and it’s sculling based you could argue that the concept to machine is a suite located machine meaning that both sides are connecting to one or handle on the tun today you are one or handle per pas if that makes any sense now let’s take a look at the concept to our challenger and now the concept to break down our challenger to the tunt Duty concept – founded in 1976 the ERG as you know it was created in 1982 the thing that you may not know about concept – is that they actually started by making hastening mare for the rowing community they did not start as a rowing machine fellowship if you’re in the fitness world and you simply know their indoor rowing line-up understand that they do have a much larger probably not definitely sure bigs the the right way of putting it but they do have a large or make slope and that is another big-hearted piece of their business and actually how the company was started other than that I don’t really feel like I need to do a whole lot because you probably know the Machine pretty well so let’s get into actually looking at these two machines against one another our $10 versus our thousand dollar machine now before we get started there is one thing we need to make sure we do and that’s to lay out some relevant criteria for me to judge these two machines against one another otherwise I mean it’s still just gonna be exclusively my subjective decision on this thing but having some criteria makes a lot more fun and gives me something to actually look at between the two machines so let’s take a look at what those are number one is going to be space consumption you can’t fit in that met your Ken you go how much gap does it take up is it convenient for where you live and storage purposes because often storage is at a premium in most of our homes number two is going to be tracking as in data tracking how much data and feedback are you getting from the machine number three is styled how good do these things look figure four is going to be maintenance as in the ability to maintain them and how hard or easy is it to find duties work on it yourself so on and so forth and amount five is expenditure twelve of course this is a price comparison ten dollars versus a thousand dollars for a rowing machine so ultimately that is definitely going to be a part of this discussion number one is space consumption now let’s start with the tongue fitting on that machine everything is fixed however it is significantly shorter there is no front angle towards the flywheel there is no flywheel at all it’s piston force those Pistons live alongside the monorail everything is very compact in fact as you could tell from the intro I was very easily able to get this in and out of my mini and actually much easier than I can a abstraction to although I can also get a concept to in my automobile now that makes us to concept two now if you leave the machine as one unit it takes up a significant amount of space it’s taller it’s not wider but it is taller for sure and if you were to leave it as one unit it would be more cumbersome and take up more seat however it is take apart capable take a part of all it comes it breaks in half countless people don’t know that it’s simply a heave of a lever and the two slice come apart the monorail is one side and the flywheel as the other so with that being said you could argue that they are about the same in storage immensity if you’re willing to take it apart whenever you’re not using it and accumulating it nonetheless whenever you go to use it it is going to consume much more space than that entity so in this column I’m going to give the v2 the ton today because I believe that that compactness really cannot be there’s no way to make it bigger it is that rustles where does concept to when you go to use it it’s gonna take up more cavity now that could also be argued as an advantage for its machinists but we’ll get to that in a second number two is gonna be data feedback I don’t know what to say on the ton conjecture side on this one there is no data feedback “theres anything” like it there’s no check there’s no origami which is actually quite interesting considering they created the first or gamma tur based indoor bicycle perhaps this is a pre bicycle version I looked at photos of that 1969 indoor cycling or gamma tur the specific characteristics actually glance very close to one another the same lettuce emblems the the striped motto motif the white-hot it all looks pretty same perhaps it was pre 1969 before they had the idea of to hurl an ergometer onto the machine and that’s the version we got so on data feedback on the tun tree we got a big fat and on the concept to side it is the world standard what more can you say pretty much everybody follows along with that observer you can link to your online logbook you can compete with beings around the world there’s really no proof here V goes to concept 2 on this one number 3 is going to be style now it would just be so easy to give the v2 notion 2 on this one it’s sleek black rows standing with that Sun manifesting off of the monorail just obligates it seem like this towering beauty of a machine looming over the aged yield fading away ton tree however there’s something charming about the country it is this kind of 70 s ish modern designing the green logo just is Colin to me a little bit something about the like kind of peeling felt on the foot cards and I can reek I are truly reek oil coming out of the Pistons what I’m working out it’s a bit visceral if you will yeah it doesn’t certainly move you through the proper car-mechanics of the movement and it’s a it’s like developing through goo with with bungees on your craft but the wording the watch of it it reminds what my grandparents had in their basement for the earliest memory I have of a rowing machine would be something unusually like the tons arive ton ton fitting where it’s this just tiny pact it was in their guest bedroom I recollect as like a 10 year old-time a jump on the thing and I had no idea what it was about but something about that vintage feel is just super cool to me like I’m not sure if I’m gonna give up this machine after this video is over it might live in my garage unless somebody performs me a enforcing offer to buy it off me I think it might live in the dark horse HQ garage for a while oh man this one’s a toughy I’m like I’m inclined to give I’m gonna call this a tie I entail yeah modern sleek whoo it’s like the the runway pose of machines goes to the concept – it’s just a it’s perfect in so many practices the ton City is this cool eclectic like 70 s like 70 s I don’t know what the vibe is but it’s just a little bit off and I kind of dig that so I’m gonna bellow this one a launder both are gonna take the V on this one and count four is going to be maintenance on this one the ton tree is very outdated I was able to find on some very old obscure sites like Sears what was it scorches PartsDirect comm I learnt a very old manual and roles explosion of the machine and a website that actually carried some replacement parts so yeah the places may still exist in order to fix this machine but from a perspective of serenity and how am I going to be able to maintain this thing I don’t think it’s gonna travel very well now on the concept – this thing is as easy as it comes to maintain the components are inexpensive its basic bike fractions it’s meant to be worked on abruptly readily and by anybody with very basic tools so the V in this one the wind is going to go to concept 2 because of its affluence and easy access to proportions for upkeep purposes it just got decidedly colder while be supposed that thus the add-on of the vest but we’re on to responsibility 5 which is price and on this one there’s really no contest the tonne tree was $10 an 82 or 83 pennies from a shipment shop adjacent that was all too happy to get rid of it they could not have given it to me faster it was substance behind an armoire just waiting for somebody to come take it they didn’t want it and so we got it that made for this great video concept – on the other hand thousand bucks I imply it’s a little under but let’s just call it a thousand ten dollars versus a thousand dollars now if I are set to just assign the purpose of which is a win that would go to ton tree because for ten bucks how can you go wrong when it comes to fitness but I conclude the discussion is a bit more involved than that so at the end of the day what we’re really summarizing is what’s the cost to you as the subscribers and that can come with a emcee of various types of discussions for example do you simply need to get a workout in and you don’t care about tracking or examine or any of that information you just want to move well in that case a $10 value is going to be the clear winner here because it’s just going to get you moving and that will last-place you until you’re ready to upgrade and step up into a you know a thousand dollar machine on the other hand if for you the tracking is extremely important you want to learn everything that comes with the the machinists and moving on the concept to machine and you crave something that looks really nice then the thousand dollar appraise is going to be your important decision because to you that’s worth it and we know that once you have possession of something it becomes immediately more valuable to you I now value this country more than I did when I participate it on offer up for 10 horses it was just a machine with a characterization on it and now that it’s sitting here in my driveway and I can smell the oil while I’m utilize it well it doesn’t really being here with great machinists it was better comes me moving and it’s got a lot of fight so it’s actually various kinds of like weight lifting on a machine it’s like providing it up to ten and then taking it up to 11 that’s the ton jury turn that up to 11 regardless in summary if we were to count it all and bringing it into our line here it’s a dead relationship the winner on toll came down to the country ten bucks you can’t beat that nonetheless importance is what at the end of the day organizes this decision that is yours ultimately to make and for that I can’t answer that question but I can tell you that this is quite a fun experiment between a $10 machine and a thousand dollar machine so guys if “youve been” enjoyed this video lowering specific comments below I actually want to know if you’ve had an opportunity to ever row on something like a ton tree before what machine you’re using at home and frankly I merely love to see the variety of machines that parties use from rp3 all the action down to the 40 year aged ton tree who knows but I would love to hear about it droop your thoughts in the comments below and if you guys enjoy this video made to ensure that you hit subscribe so that you can tune in to all of our vid it’ll pop up on your feed every time we come out with new one and if you time loved it make sure that you touched that Bell right next to it because that actually sends you an alert when we put out a brand-new video every single Tuesday so that you can get all of our latest videos and as ever guys thanks for coming so much for carolling in we’ll see you on the other side[ Music] you’re coming home with me you’ve plucked[ Applause]

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